So, What’s Next?

Are You Ready?

It appears that a nasty planned bad economic future is in sight. Are we one day closer to a meltdown?

What Happened?

Too Many Lies

Epic Failure

Dog Days of Summer

Happy Independence Day

When Men Were men

Destroying the Nation

Why Are Dems Fighting So Hard?

Riot Season Is Here

The Created Crisis

Who’s Really Running Things?

Doubling Down on Dumb

Lack of Democrat’s Integrity On Full Display During Impeachment Trial

The Dumpster Fire President

The Purge Continues

A Strange Day

Armed Protests?

The Purge Is ON

Anger May Explode

So, Now What?

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Shutdowns Worse than Virus

The Vaccine Is Coming

Medical Martial Law

Happy Thanksgiving

Medical Tyranny?

Closures are back. Idiot Governors now telling people how many can be in house on Thanksgiving. Just wait, the Left will try and cancel Christmas. Hanukka celebrations will be ignored (except in NYC). When will the arrests begin? Business’s are at the mercy of the governments. Welcome to 1984 .

Protests Planned in Georgia