No Answer Without Motive

VegasThe title says it all.  Without knowing the motive of the Las Vegas shooter, there are no answer to WHY.  This was a very well planned out mass murder, one that gives one pause as to how a person would undertake such a thing.  Rumors and conspiracy theories are everywhere, but the answer is nowhere.  I have avoided posting the conspiracy theories and other nonsense and I won’t bother to sensationalize the Liberal medias feigned sorrow and politicizing this event for their pathetic political reasons.  In the end, when you have a nation that is so divided, this is what you get.  This could be the first of many events in the new Civil War.




  1. Sad days for many, many people.

  2. Could we all agree to just stop killing each other?

    • That would be great, but they don’t get that part. And the ‘theys’ come in all shapes and sizes and colors. In the meantime, we have to defend ourselves from them, so don’t come after our guns.

      • we have to defend ourselves from them, so don’t come after our guns.

        And what, pray tell, do you think you could have done to “defend” yourself from a guy 32 stories up laying down heavy fire? Do you plan on carrying around a sniper rifle?

        There is no “defending” from something like this unless you happen to have the ability to call in an air-strike.

        • Just a general reply to a general comment. Now I realize you were commenting on the original post. Sorry.

    • That’s actually a very easy task. The vast majority of us are peaceful people not wanting to kill. Not sure about what’s going on in the inner cities, many seem more than willing. Take away those statistics and we are one of the safest countries on earth.

  3. One thought going around is medications taken by shooter. Brain tumor?

    • Naw. He was reported to be a "mulit-millionaire." It is well established fact that almost all mulit-millionaires are psychopaths.


    • I've been working my way through the table of logical fallacies with my older daughter. I laughed hysterically the other day when she accused someone of using a straw man. (she was wrong, but that's beside the point - she's five)

      Here's a proposal: We scale back some of some curricula and find room for the following classes taught intermittently throughout elementary, middle, and high school at varying levels of depth:
      1. Life Skills: how to balance a budget, filing taxes, contracts 101, password security / online privacy, long-term planning, savings accounts, credit debt is bad, insurance do's and don'ts, how to invest, don't live off junk food.
      2. Rational Thinking: recognizing logical fallacies in yourself and others, how to back down off a wrong position, humans suck at risk evaluation, considering the motivations of others, how to avoid being manipulated.
      3. Be less wrong: In this course we go through an extensive list of common misconceptions and not only teach you the right thing, but how to assess other misconceptions and find the truth for yourself.
      4. Home Ec / Woodshoop / Auto Shop: Pick one (or more). You will learn how to use your hands to do something productive - maybe even something that can save you money.
      5. Any functional real life skill: I don't care what it is. Cooking? Sure. Programming? Great! Just something so that, if your education ended tomorrow, you might have some fighting chance at finding your way in the world.
      6. Think for yourself: Not all creativity is good creativity, but don't be a lemming. Make your own damned decisions. Learn how to consider cost/benefit. Learn how to distinguish a good idea from a bad idea. Learn how to weight probabilities.
      Personality reform: How not to be a ignorant asshole who thinks he knows everything. How to be respectful and polite to others while still standing up for yourself. Remembering to wish people happy birthday. General manners. Speaking to a small group without seeming like an idiot. Learn how to actually listen rather than just waiting for your turn to talk. Identifying toxic people and bad influences on your life. Identifying and reforming your own personality flaws. Swift kicks in the ass will be applied as need throughout this course.

      I'm pretty sure we could ditch one of the foreign language courses and history of the British monarchy. I probably don't need to know the different types of clouds, nor did I need to read the Iliad or quite so many Shakespeare plays. Also, I loved the higher maths, but in my entire adult life, I've used multi-variable algebra maybe ten times,. Calculus concepts are important, but the math is not unless you're going to into a specialized field which requires it, and in that case, learn it in college or take it as an AP. The other 99.9% of the population would benefit more from the classes I propose.

      • That is why you have your kid join Boy Scouts.

        I think the Iliad IS very important. Not as literature but as a study of how man deals with man. Ditto the Odyssey. Much like Aesop’s fables and even the Bible, these “parables” were the psychology of their time.

        Dr. John Shea, a VA Psychiatrist up in Boston wrote two masterful books on PTSD. “:Achilles in Viet-nam’ and “Odysseus in America”. He used both books in counseling Viet-nam vets to show them how they were not unique in the sense that that particular war did something “different” to them. History and Literature also prepare us for life because that line in Mr. Shakespeare’s play, “there is nothing new under the sun Horatio” is spot on. I am finally getting my own 42 year old classically educated son to understand that. he is old enough now to have experienced the re-inventing the wheel cycles in his professional as well as reserve military life.

        Outside of that, I love your list and have been saying the same for years.

        • I'd like to hire you to write the curriculum for the courses on "Personality Reform" and Life Skills." You can submit them to Common Core and I'll have them pushed through.

          The Long Lost Black Flag will be in charge of "Rational Thinking" and "Be Less Wrong."

          I'll assign the other topics to whoever wants to volunteer.


    I do not know how accurate this is but if true, it is another example of psych drugs being involved with these mass shooting.

  5. “They [Puerto Rico] owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street. We will have to wipe that out,” Trump told Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera in an interview.

    “I don’t know if it’s Goldman Sachs, but whoever it is, you can wave goodbye to that,” Trump said in the interview, which aired late Tuesday. “The debt was massive on the island.”


    “I wouldn’t take it word for word with that,” Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, told CNN’s “New Day”


    Thoughts? Opinions?

    • 10 cents on the dollar at best. Then like the NYC bailout in the 1970’s a financial control board and Federal guarantees on new loans. they are going to hate it just like the crooked politicians in NYC hated it but it did work.

      The, of course, you start with the indictments. Both the Bronx Borough President and The Bronx democratic party leader (the two Stanley’s) went to jail. Donald Manes the Queens BP went suicide and a whole bunch of minor Brooklyn, and SI functionaries couldn’t turn states evidence fast enough. Of course when the clouns in PR get indicted, it will be portrayed as racist.

      • Not really what I was going for. I'd be more interested in your take on the fact that the President says something and then, the next day, the director of the OMB has to walk it back saying not to take him at his word. I mean, come on? That can't be acceptable, can it?

        Also, I posted the famous "Ford to City: Drop Dead" newspaper headline, but I guess the spam filter ate it. Oh well.

        • The OMB guy had just better get his head out of his ass. These guys will default no matter what euphemism they will come up with. the one thing we have learned by studying all of Latin and South America is that the Spanish (from Spain) were absolutely horrible in passing on any viable theory of governance to their former colonies. They are not the only ones, France, Belgium (the worst) and Holland were all pretty bad too.

          Puerto Rico should be a paradise on earth. With the lack of Federal Income tax, mainland based corporations as well as foreign corporations should be flocking there. They are not, ask why, corruption from the lowest through the highest and an inability to call it out for what it is for a variety of political reasons.

          I think, that with this administration, the FCB, NY City model works. No guarantees if 1600 returns to the democrats.

          • Let them default……who does it hurt? Only those that bought the bonds and as I understand it, the government did not back them or very many of them. DO NOT…UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE……..use federal dollars to bail out the defaulted bond funds.

          • Commentary from another site for what its worth.


            “They owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street and we’re going to have to wipe that out. You’re going to say goodbye to that, I don’t know if it’s Goldman Sachs, but whoever it is you can wave goodbye to that”

            • Loan Shark lenders will take a massive financial bath.
            • NO ONE will want to lend to Puerto Rico in the future.
            • ANYONE who does lend will charge YUGE rates.
            • Puerto Rico will have to live within its means.
            • President Trump will tie ANY federal support to incentives for governmental self-sufficiency, requirements for job creation and transition from it’s welfare state.
            • President Trump should require that any reconstruction funding be repaid from new fees and taxes on tourism.

            Make Puerto Rico the MODEL for how to deal with STATE DEBT.

            President Trump should then introduce a STATE FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM requiring OMB to annually assess all States to create a State Sustainability Fund that is financed by a Superfund Tax that is indexed each state’s Sustainability Ranking (only the bottom 10 states would have to contribute) that is driven by its $ Debt, $ Unfunded Mandates and $ Underfunded Infrastructure. Payouts would only be triggered by a State’s Bankruptcy that would revert its status to a Territory and forfeit its voting rights in Congress, until it re-emerges from State Bankruptcy and settles all debts.

        • Spirit of the word, not the letter. You still don’t get Trump. He may trip over himself at times. It may not come out of his mouth exactly the way he wants it to be meant. But he knows the direction he wants to go with whatever it is. I’d rather take Trump at his word, weather its offensive, not quite as sharp as you think it should be, maybe even too much exaggeration, than to listen to someone like Obama with his slow , very calculating, ums and uhs, bunch of word salad that I have no idea what he just said, because he wants to sound so intellectual and have people in utter amazement at his very presence, but in the end…he didn’t say shit, and yes I know this is a run on sentence. It’s like the Colonel has mentioned, something about dumb like a fox. He has plenty of winning under his belt to back up his swagger, or lack thereof, as you see it. You need to judge him by results rather than first drafts. I’m with the Colonel here anyway, let them default. Better than them taking us down with them.

          • Thing is, if you pay attention and remove the exaggeration, he is almost always right and way ahead of others. The man has an intuitive grasp exceeding everything I have seen any one else do.

            • And at the very least, he gets people talking about issues. Then he agrees with the most optimal result possible. Might not be the perfect solution, but its the optimal solution given a bad starting point.

  6. GOLDSHAN: So you’re saying the presence of sanctuary cities is perpetuating the culture of the Las Vegas shooting?

    INHOFE: I’m saying we’re inundated with permissive laws — that has a lot more to do with it than gun [ownership] laws. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying.


    There's a bit more before this, but that's the gist. The good senator is saying that the reason we have mass shootings is because sanctuary cities create a culture where, I guess, people feel like the law is optional, and therefore... something something.. go out and shoot up a country music festival.

    Because everything bad that happens in the world must, somehow, be the fault of liberals and/or liberal policy.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, James Inhofe stands accused of being an ass-hat. I rest my case, and you may now deliberate your judgement.

    • I am not going to get into it but to be honest he has about 1/ 64th of an idea here. It is the culture as a whole which has changed remarkably. The new, mostly secular culture we have developed in the past fifty or so years has created a different environment which you must admit creates a whole lot of, “I am right because I think I am right and I cannot be wrong”. You have, in a way, pointed out as much in your six step plan. rational thinking, be less wrong, think for yourself, all play into these acts unless there is some physiological cause. You were not born but when Charlie Whitman went up into that Tower at the University in Austin in 1965, with ten rifles, he had complained about confused thinking. The autopsy did find, in the former Eagle Scout, Marine a small, deeply embedded brain tumor.

    • Well, sir…….he is right about one thing….when you violate the law and say it is ok to violate the law (ie: Sanctuary cities) do you not subliminally begin to create a lawless culture?

      That said….the rest of his hoopla is baloney. This guy did not give a shit about sanctuary cities….he wanted to shoot up a concert.

  7. Stephen………that was something. Never shot a weapon with a bump stock before. It takes some getting used to….it would require some practice…but I shot about 500 rounds through it…by the third magazine (90) rounds I could hold it pretty steady with a sling and downward pressure…..but, once I got used to it… is the closest thing to fully auto I have ever seen. The installation of the kit took about 1 minute.

    One thing that I did do…..I tried spraying the rounds with the weapon…and it was pretty easy with the bump stock….keep your finger in one place and the recoil does the rest. Pretty simple and a very dangerous device. But they are on the street readily available.

  8. Douche Bag Michael Moore:

    We are not a country of gun nuts. 77% of all Americans do NOT own a gun!

    OK dipshit, based on your words 77% of Americans rely on the government to protect them. So how well did they do in Las Vegas, Orlando, Charlotte, etc.

    Now, the most recent Church shooting was stopped by…a good guy with a gun. Stay alive Michael Moore, we all need your stupid to know whats really wrong with the Left.

  9. I WIN !! Feinstein introduced a bill to outlaw bump stocks today. Actually I have not problem with this.

  10. Canine Weapon says:

    A woman asked a colonel in the army the last time he had made love to a woman. The colonel stood tall and said, “1956, ma’am.”

    The woman, taken aback by this answer said “1956?! That long?! Let me make your night better…” and the two sauntered away to a private room.

    They made passionate love for an hour and a half. The woman cuddled up to the colonel afterward and said “well, you sure haven’t forgotten anything since 1956.”

    The colonel looked at her confused and said “well, I sure hope not. It’s only 2130 now!”


    “We’ve got to make our facts, as it related to Russia’s involvement in our election, before the primaries getting started in 2018,” Burr (R-NC) said.


    Got that? The perpetual investigation was such an effective tactic against Clinton, that they're now deploying it against Trump. Right or wrong, collusion or no collusion, they're saying "we're going to hold this gun to your head, and if you don't behave, we'll have it make headlines. Then, if you still don't behave, we'll release our report in the primaries."

    What a shitty tactic.

    • Congressional investigations are always BS on steroids. Political theater at it’s worse. But I still don’t see how you came to these conclusions based on that article??

      • I read between the lines. The Red Team in congress is desperate to get Trump under control before he destroys the party. This is a threat.

      • VH….I can see the same conclusion. I feel that the established Republicans are going to put a “loaded gun” to Trump’s head if he does not back off draining the swamp…..problem is….Trump will not back off….the roaches are running for cover.

        • Can you elaborate about Trump's swamp cleaning prowess? What, exactly, has he done to clean up (or even give an honest effort at cleaning up)?

          From my perspective, it looks like he just filled the swamp with alligators instead of the usual caimans.

          • Got rid of Brennan, Comey, Priebus, 7th floor personnel at the State Dept., continual pushback on corrupt media, beginning to lay traps on Strange/Moore AL Senate…that was a win/win regardless, but put McConnell on notice for future ‘they said they didnt want me to support the establishment candidates so from here out I’m going with candidate X’…sent Corker, Chaffetz running already. It goes on.

  12. Every time I’ve watched this video, I have to fight my worse inclinations. This person needs to learn to fight hers. And these neutral people coddling her makes me crazy too.

    • So, if I read this correctly, this woman steals a hat off the head of another person because she did not like the hat. The victim of the theft decides he wants to file charges and the charges that are filed rise to a felony and the woman who steals the hat claims that she is the victim because of the suit.

      D13 ponders…….Why is this woman still standing? I pity any person who tries to steal my hat off my head. Game over.

      • I don't think snatching a hat off someone's head should be a felony unless it's repeated or there is violence involved, or some other exacerbating circumstances.

        That said, screw her. She's not the victim... actually, you know what, she is a victim. She's the victim of her own stupidity.

        See also:

        • It may have been the screaming F bomb laden rant that she laid on the guy. I’ll try and find it and post it.

        • Isn’t walking up to somebody and stealing, snatching, taking a hat by force….an assault and a violence upon a person?

          And, is not a violent response to an assault justifiable? ( NOTICE….I did not say what ype of violence).

          For example, I am walking in a mall with my Vietnam Veteran hat on and someone does not like veterans comes up and grabs my hat from my head and makes disparaging remarks… I not have a right to use what ever force I deem necessary to (a) protect my space, (b) protect my person, (c) retrieve stolen property?

          If you agree, then it comes down to choice of violence. I have many choices. I can pull a pistol and remove their head from their torso and claim self defense but I probably get blood on my hat. I can choose not to pull a pistol, deliver a well aimed blow to the solar plexus creating all kinds of respiratory issues and possibly stopping their heart ( I am well trained and still practice my techniques ), or I can deliver a well aimed reverse punch, knuckles folded to the trachea crushing the larynx, or I could deliver a punch to the solar plexus, deftly cup their ears in a short but powerful slap, rendering them in a dazed condition, or I could simply hit the throat in a sharp finger extended blow and then gouge out their eyes with a quick and sharp movement to either side…….either of these gets my hat back.

          Then pick up my hat. Would I be incorrect in any of these moves in responding to a threat to person by violence and retrieveing stolen property? I have no MORAL obligation to respond in a given manner. Violence was perpetrated upon me…I defend……………..vigorously.

          Now, I made it sound rather ominous and funny but is not the real fact……this person committed a violent act upon an innocent person and committed a theft……I do not have to cry to the mall security or call the police….I can defend myself and retrieve stolen property.

          • There's "violence" and there's "violence".... yes, it's theft, and yes, by virtue of the fact that it was on your head and taken off your person, there might have been a physical compenent. Without knowing the specifics, all I can say is that simply "snatching" a hat off someone's head probably shouldn't rise to the level of a felony. If they punch you in the face and take it off you, that's different. As with all such things, it's really just a matter of scale. And, sure, you're allowed to defend yourself and try to retain your property.

            Taking your hat is no different than taking your watch or taking your wallet. But in each of those cases, the "right" charge could easily vary from misdemeanor to class I felony depending on the specifics. Surely, some kid who just yoinks it off of you is different than a hardened criminal who holds you at gunpoint.

            But I stand by my assertion that she is a moron regardless of any other details.


            I'd love to ask her how she would have felt if some MAGA-nut had snatched her "I'm with her" hat? I bet she would have called it a hate crime and wanted him locked up for life.

  13. Informal SUFA poll……………is there anyone on here that does not itemize their tax return?

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      ::raises hand::

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Of course you don’t, because you don’t file any stinking returns at all. I doubt you recognize that others have a claim to your property just because they say so.

    • Me

    • Me, although I get some reduction in taxable income from other forms.

      • But isn’t that a form of itemization? You are not filing a short form are you?

        • My understanding of itemizing is that the itemization takes the place of the exemption, where as I take the normal exemption but ada couple schedule forms that changes a few thing. I do use the long form. Maybe what I do is itemizing. I always thought it was tied directly to the exemption amount.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You are NOT itemizing if you do not use Schedules A and B of the 1040 long form.

        I use the 1040 long form and itemize in some years and do not itemize in others.

        Colonel: Having income on other schedules is NOT ITEMIZING.

        • I guess it is a matter of semantics……does not matter to me because I itemize each and every year…..or my accountants do it….all I do is sign where they say and pay, if necessary. I have not had to pay since the introduction of Obamacare….I do not pay myself a salary. I have all pass throughs.

          The reason that I asked, is that in a discussion on the Fox business channel about itemizing, it was stated that 70-80 % of all tax payers do not itemize. I was just wondering.

          So, that now begs the question…….no……..I will wait.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Be careful young man. The IRS can claim you should have paid yourself a salary and come after you for back taxes. Make sure your accountants are not working only to reduce your tax burden. I assume your OK but you can get crosswise with the IRS over this.

            Itemizing is a reference to the deductions and additions made on Schedules A and B. It is these deductions, along with certain passive losses that the AMT uses to recalculate your tax.

            The thresholds on the Schedule A and B deductions have gotten so high most people don’t qualify for them and wind up taking the standard deductions. You almost have to have a lot of mortgage interest to benefit from “Itemizing”.

            • Or spend half your income on medical expenses.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Yes, but only if your income is not to high. Many don’t realize the penalties for being well healed already buried in the tax code.

              • I rely on TurboTax so hope they know the rules.

            • Been doing this a long time, JAC. I file certified returns each year. Expensive, yes, but well worth the no hassle with the IRS. We have been audited several times…I leave it to the pros. However, let me clarify on salary… meaning is generic. $500 per year is my salary (most people do not call that a salary) and I have been audited 3 times in the last 30 years….the last time was 2 years ago after the passing of my father. And since our returns are certified, we have no problems with the IRS. BUT….the tax code is very complex, as Buck would tell you, and there are a variety of ways to withdraw money…..legally…..that is not subject to taxation or subject to lower taxation in the classifications of income….active and passive notwithstanding.

              However, in my poll, I was wondering because when I hear all these pundits on tv talking about the tax code and taxes on Trumps ideas….I am convinced by just listening to them, they do not know crap from Crisco. Take itemizing for example. If you just short form it….you do not itemize. But, if you use various schedules and list various deductions aside from standard…you are itemizing in the strictest sense. Not wanting to argue but just was wondering what people actually do when I heard that 70-75% of tax payers do not itemize. I think that is a high percentage but I cannot speak to it because I have never short formed it that I remember. I have so many personal investments in things that spin off specific deductions, of course I must itemize.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Interesting conflict of supposed facts. If 75% of people do not itemize then why is the “home mortgage” deduction so important?

                The absolutely do not know crap from Crisco, nor lard from Crisco. I am guessing these pundits don’t do their own taxes either. And since most of them were journalism majors they are coming from the brightest collection of bulbs in the store.

                I figured you were OK on your pass through wages. Just wanted to give others a heads up via using you as the class example.

                Now to the primary point which got this going. Do you agree the proposed special tax rate for pass through income is a “special break” for those who have such income?

                This is why I have been saying for years that the upper Corporate and personal tax rates need to be the same. In fact all the brackets should be the same. In fact, eliminate the Corporate taxes completely and tax PEOPLE. But if not then make the rates and brackets the same. This eliminates all incentives for “gaming the system”. Then we can focus on the proper “rates” for all of us and get on with making America instead of saving taxes.

              • My annual property taxes are just shy of $ 12,000 here in Bergen Co. NJ. The house is assessed at $ 365M and probably worth $ 475,000. I paid off the mortgage after 15 years so property tax, charitable donations and State income taxes are all my deductions.

  14. Kitchen smelling great already. Chicken legs seasoned, ready for the grill after work. Corn shucked. Fresh salad made with as much local grown produce as possible. Hamburger, onions, garlic sauteed up…herbs portioned out..ready to throw in pot with tomatoes after work to simmer for several hours for tomorrow night’s spaghetti. Gotta love it. Time to get ready for the afternoon grind.

  15. Some thoughts on automatic weapons.

    As a veteran who’s job was to teach about small arms and repair the same, I had to shoot and stay qualified on every weapon system we trained on. The automatic weapons were M=2 .50 cal, MK-19 automatic 40mm grenade launcher, M=60 machinegun, 5.56 SAW , M-16 rifle, Uzi sun machinegun, MP-5 sub machinegun.

    That’s a lot of bullets down range annually for 12 years. There are a blast to shoot and I had a blast doing so. I also wouldn’t mind having a couple of them with a few thousand rounds of ammo but, I don’t. In fact, I don’t think that any of them should be legal for the average person, however, I support ownership with the proper license and background checks, as the Colonel had explained earlier.

    What occurred in Vegas doesn’t appear to be automatic weapons but weapons fitted with bump stocks. While these can be fun, I would expect the government to outlaw them in the near future, unless one has the proper license.

    I often wonder how many would trade abortion rights for gun rights and vice versa. I would not, as my rights are not negotiable. I would expect the same from most.

    • I had heard of bump stocks but never saw nor used one until yesterday….I had to satisfy myself that is what a “bump” stock could do…..I was very surprised and to surprise me with a weapon accessory…, well, let me say, this is the furst time an accessory surpised this old man and I have seen everything, or thought that I had. I had a great time with the familiarization at the range……but it was a difficult weapon to shoot unless you got used to it.

      Since it is already illegal to own an automatic weapon without proper licensing, the “bump” stock is a legal loophole….it still does not qualify as an automatic weapon. The sounds from the cell phone screamed automatic to me….I shot one yesterday… was as close to automatic as I can see. I would consider it an automatic weapon with that attachment.

      So, do we outlaw attachments that make semi’s into automatics or do we still go after the guns. Personally, I can see no reason, other than carnage, that one would need a “bump” stock. My vote…….damn tough vote because of the slippery slope argument……but you already have on the books laws about conversion with sears and pins….might as well add stocks. You cannot take away semi automatic weaponry that can be converted because all weapons can…or most.

      Stay away from emotion and fashion a well thought out expansion of the existing law about conversion to include stocks and receiver groups. I would go along with that.

      • What is a receiver group?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Isn’t carnage the goal when the Tyrants come to claim you? So why take our ability to inflict major pain upon the enemy?

        Why should possession of automatic weapons be illegal?

        The right of the people to bear arms ………….. that should include ALL ARMS. Not just those that make the Wizards in Black Robes comfortable.

        • You of course have a point and I would also like to remind everyone that up until GCA ’68 you could legally own a Mortar, bazooka or artillery piece. I remember in the fall of 1967 I believe, my College buying a 37 MM anti tank gun, painting it in the school colors and setting it off whenever the football team got a touchdown. as far as I can remember it was not disabled in any way. Wonder what ever happened to it?

          Then there is the issue of what guns? There was no prohibition on owning “military” firearms. Colonists were allowed to own and carry military smooth bore muskets with bayonet lugs. Nobody restricted them to “hunting” arms or “squirrel” guns.

          Had it not been for the Bonnie and Clyde era, machine guns might still be allowed. the hysteria created after the Kennedy-Kennedy-King Assassinations lead to GCA ’68 and I do remember Uncle Wally Cronkite doing a CBS special on “destructive devices” despite the fact no one had ever used one in a crime.

        • They should be legal and can be, but you sure have some hoops to jump through with the Feds….it is funny, if you have been watching the news on the Texas man that bought a tank and has it parked on the street. Fully functional except for the machine gun. It can fire a 75 mm round out of the main barrel but heaven forbid they allow a machine gun on it. The only complaint is that it is parked on the street outside his home…..he pkans to move it, shortly, to his ranch.

          Texas (TX) What NFA Firearms can I own?
          by David M. Goldman

          Texas NFA Class 3 firearms
          There are several type of Class 3 items that are restricted by the National Firearms Act.

          Each state can impose additional restrictions on the sale, purchase, and transfer of class 3 firearms in addition to the compliance that is required with the national Firearms Act.

          In Texas you can own the following items that are regulated by the National Firearms Act

          Machine Guns, Silencers, Any Other Weapon (AOW)
          Destructive Devices (DD)
          Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS)
          Short Barreled Rifles (SBR)

          In Texas you cannot own the following NFA restricted items.


          Follow this link to find out more about Texas and NFA restrictions on Class 3 Firearms

          • But, my evaluation stands true. If I were forced to have to make a decision as a Congressman… compromise would be to add it to the list that is already there. In reality, they will still be there….just on the underground and black market……

            Jump on the dark web and you can down load all kinds of ways to make your semi automatics into full blown automatics for about $100. All these laws stop nothing. Just drives them underground where they cannot be traced

          • Class III Full Auto Weapons for Sale

            Our full auto weapons for sale include everything from outstanding historical pieces like the Colt Thompson to water-cooled single and twin anti-aircraft machine guns to modern assault rifles. These Class III fully automatic weapons for sale require adherence to NFA rules. And because our inventory changes, you’ll want to visit our new arrivals page often.

            Check out our selection of Class III full auto weapons for sale below. Then browse our other Class III categories, including tactical rifles, semi-auto and pump tactical shotguns, and AWC suppressors.

            For more information or to ask a question, give us a call at (877) 214-9327 or email

  16. This is a reason why many of us are so adamant in support of the 2nd Amendment. This is but one example of the many I have seen:

  17. Oh…..and remember….it was said again today……..gun owners have joined the ranks of “THE DEPLORABLES”………….woo hoo, I am still there.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius and Colonel

    Did you guys ever get that Churro story exchanged? I just found three copies Mathius tried to post in the trash. I can untrash them still if you need me to. Otherwise I am going to send them to the ethernet.

    • Delete them, thanks. I had Mr. G-Man delete my posts so that, post publication, it will be more difficult for anyone to tie my real-life name to my online SUFA presence... or to the Dread Pirate... or to a certain canine... I'm sure you can appreciate that I've said far, far, far too much here to want it to get back to me in real life when I'm rich and famous.

  19. Was wondering about this. Have heard many call for a NEW approach to power in Puerto Rico. New Opportunities! Apparently the wind and solar farms DID NOT fare well.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      If you live in areas prone to high winds or snow/ice you need your electric infrastructure UNDERGROUND.

      The cost to do this is always the barrier. But if it is all destroyed anyway then Puerto Rico has a chance to storm proof their electric transmission systems this time.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh look, Trump and Russia collusion…………over there…………. see the squirrel?


  21. Here is a list of the class 3 dealers in Texas.

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    “Sarah, why did the President tweet this morning that he’d like to see the Senate Intelligence Committee investigate news outlets and I guess this quest to go after fake news. Does he — does he value the First Amendment as much as he values the Second Amendment?” Acosta asked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, cloaking his whining in a question.
    Sanders answered the question straight, not affording Acosta any satisfaction, saying that Trump “is an incredible advocate of the First Amendment.”
    When Acosta attempted to interrupt, Sanders sternly shut him down, noting “I allowed you to finish.”
    The White House Press Secretary stated “[w]ith the First Amendment, with those freedoms also come responsibilities and you have a responsibility to tell the truth, to be accurate.”
    “I think right now when we’ve seen recent information that says only five percent of media coverage has been positive about this President and this administration,” Sanders added.
    “At the same time you have the stock market and economic confidence at an all-time high, ISIS is on the run, unemployment’s at the lowest it’s been in 17 years, we’ve cut regulations at historic pace, fixing the VA.” she continued.
    “You’ve only found five percent of your time to focus on those big issues. No a lot of the things you cover, not a lot of the petty palace intrigue that you spend your time on. I think we need to move towards a certainly more fair, more accurate and frankly a more responsible news media for the American people.” Sanders concluded.

    The video is embedded in link.

    This is thought provoking, but only in terms of media content. It’s a proven fact that the media has treated Trump in a negative manner a majority of the time, as studies have shown. I can understand those that disagree with his agenda would necessarily say so, but I’m not keen on how it’s being presented. For example, Hannity, on numerous occasions, stated his show is based on his conservative opinion. I think this is a good start, being honest rather than trying to pass on opinions as fact. The MSM media, as we all know, CLEARLY tried to affect the election, on the side of HRC, as studies have also shown. Supposedly, Russia also used the media as an avenue to try and do the same, which is a bit hypocritical to say the least, but if Russia is being investigated for interfering in the election, the investigation should also include our own media outlets. All of which doesn’t matter one wit, because none of this is illegal.

    Russia is accused of putting out stuff on the Social Media sites to affect the election. This isn’t illegal, so why the investigation. Our own MSM did exactly the same thing, but it must be OK for them. The one thing I have taken from what I have read and seen about Russia and social media is that the government really thinks that the people are stupid and can’t determine real news from the bullshit. I don’t use social media like Twitter, so I have no idea what Russia put out that is the problem. Maybe it was a story about Trump being an alien lizardman 🙂 What might be sad is how many people WOULD believe such stuff.

    The question: Should the MSM use a disclaimer when opinion shows are being telecast? For example, a small statement appearing after each commercial break stated it’s an opinion show.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I suggest there shouldn’t be any requirements on the media. Let them be who they are. Let Mr. Trump and others call them out for their BS. If the American people aren’t smart enough to understand how they are being manipulated then what are we trying to protect anyway?

      By the way, the media’s primary modes of bias are the type of stories covered, as much of Trump’s coverage, and innuendo. When you hear a question that starts with “other people are saying………..” you are hearing a biased set up question. I always loved Rumsfeld on this one. He would say, “when you identify the “people” asking these questions I will answer them.”

    • Just A Citizen says:


      P.S. Mr. Trump should STOP talking about investigating the media or regulating the media in anyway just because of “Fake News”.

      If some actual scandal of collusion and deliberate lying is found then Congress can hold hearings. But otherwise, just point out the BS coverage.

      His job is to LEAD the Nation, not constantly whine about how he is being treated.

      • It will be interesting historically to see how this all works out. My leftie friends use that “whine” term quite a bit but I wonder. This is the first, to my knowledge, attempt by a White House to basically do tit for tat with the media. The last time I can remember anyone trying was Nixon and that was doomed to failure. Nixon, as right as he was, did whine. “You don’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore”, (after losing the Governorship of California in ’62.) After that particular gem, he was doomed. Every time he raised a valid point thereafter they trotted out the ’62 video.

        The only time he really ever got it right was his farewell speech when he said “they” only win if you hate them too. he developed that insight a bit too late.

    • If you ever read, “A Man called Intrepid” you would have a pretty good idea how British Intel operated and propagandized prior to WW 2. Not that i have a problem with the ultimate result.

      The book, as interesting as it was, raised questions for me about the lead up to WW1. Was in fact the Zimmerman telegram real? Was it a “British” plant to drag us into that unhappy war with the outcome that guaranteed the rise of the Third Reich.? We know now, despite British obfuscating for 70 some years that the Lusitania was carrying munitions. So, like allowing Coventry to be bombed in WW2 to protect the fact that they had the “:enigma” machine, were the Brits willing to sacrifice that ship to drag us into the war.

      The inquiring mind always wants to know.

  23. September Jobs Number: -33k

    This is the first monthly decline in seven years.

    Likely impacted due to Harvey & Irma, though it's worth noting that the economy still added jobs following Sandy.

    I look forward to hearing how this is Obama's fault.

    Fake News source

  24. Question regarding the 8th Amendment:

    The law says no "cruel and unusual" punishments.

    Does this mean we can bring back the rack so long as we use it enough that it no longer qualifies as unusual?

    Burning at the stake is a-ok.. as long as we do a lot of it. So, the first person you burn, that's no good. And the second is still a no-go. But around the 10th or 20th, it starts to become legal.

    Just a thought. 😉

    • Very interesting.

      Deace’s statement about our greatest generation fighting this ideology, to now have it here anyway is just so spot on and infuriating.

  25. Congrats Anita, MSU over UM. PSU is off next week then has UM, OSU, and then MSU.

    • Thanks T-Ray, we snuck out of there with the win. My son and I are thrilled, and so is stepson cause he’s an OSU diehard fan. Good hard fought game. Sparty was savage taking down a couple Wolverines on the sidelines, not necessary, but the refs didn’t see them or just let them play the game. Our defense did great coming up with those turnovers. I was cheering hard, but it still came down to a hail mary. I was dreading that, especially in the Big House. Michigan is definitely beatable. The Nittany Lions have a tough schedule, and I’ll be cheering for them in a couple weeks, but don’t think you’re gonna come into Spartan Stadium like a boss. Ain’t gonna happen. 😉

  26. Random thoughts: There is no real gun control debate in DC. It’s all political theater and they know damn well any real gun control law would not only cause them some serious problems, but wouldn’t pass SCOTUS review. With that said, when the Left wants to talk about “common sense gun safety”, I think I’ll throw out “common sense abortion control”. Since most “gun” violence in the inner cities is “after birth abortion” of Blacks, the Left will never want to go there.

    • Nearly all the strife in DC is political. Neither side wants to find solutions to the problems be it immigration, taxes, healthcare, guns, etc. They are collecting too much money so why not perpetuate the strife and collect more? Bill Whittle suggest that the R’s agree that all candidates agree to one term only. No fund raising necessary after elected. Just put the nose to the grindstone, solve problems for 2-6 years and go home. Those currently in office are just power hungry. Look at McCain, terminally ill but will not retire and go home. He wants to be carried out feet first. Tis the ultimate in greed and ego.

  27. Very happy to see this- if people want to change an existing law- They should have to go through the process, not just proclaim a new definition for an old one.

  28. Canine at his best!

  29. Bill Mayer: The 2nd Amendment was to protect slavery.

    And the Left wonders why most don’t take them seriously.

  30. Today the wise newscaster on WOR radio told us that the protests at the NY City Columbus Day Parade are in “response” to Columbus introducing slavery to the Western Hemisphere. I’m sure that the folks living around the Aztecs would have been interested in finding that out.

    • Our own indigenous people kept slaves from tribes they conquered. The Left loves to cherry pick and make stuff up to fit their ideology. Not much of an ideology if one has to do that to fit it in to todays world.

      • Ignorance is NO excuse or something like that. Reading up on slavery among indigenous peoples this AM. The very concept is discarded by those back to nature, green freaks, They ignore the fact because like Rousseau, they have this concept of the “Noble Savage”. I wish they could have met the Iroquois or the Comanche in all their glory. Might have just changed their minds as they were toasted to death or flayed alive. Remember there was NO slavery, NO oppression, NO poverty, NO bad stuff at all until the debbil gave the world the White Man or so said the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

  31. From David Frum:

    The United States is gripped by two interlocking constitutional crises: one spectacularly visible and noisy; the other unfolding more quietly. Senator Bob Corker’s Sunday remarks to The New York Times brought the quiet crisis into full public view.
    The noisy crisis is, of course, the presidency of Donald Trump. The quiet crisis is the response of the national-security system to the noisy crisis.
    Mr. Trump poses such an acute risk, the senator said, that a coterie of senior administration officials must protect him from his own instincts. “I know for a fact that every single day at the White House, it’s a situation of trying to contain him,” Mr. Corker said in a telephone interview.
    This observation by the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has been seconded by other insiders. “There are people inside the administration that think it is their job to save America from this President,” then-White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci told CNN’s New Day in July. In April, an unnamed senior administration official praised the work of Rex Tillerson, Jim Mattis, and John Kelly, then still secretary of homeland security: “They realize this is a tumultuous White House, and they are serving as a leveling influence over fractious personalities … responsibly protecting the country from enemies both foreign and domestic.” The “domestic enemies” in this formula apparently included much of President Trump’s own senior staff.
    Good news: The people containing the commander-in-chief have to a considerable extent succeeded. The United States has not launched a pre-emptive attack on North Korea, abandoned Estonia to the Russians, cancelled NAFTA, or started a trade war with China—each and every one of those outcomes a seemingly live possibility if you heeded Trump’s own words.
    Bad news: the national security services are apparently coping with Donald Trump in ways that circumvent the president’s constitutional role as commander in chief. One example spotlights the ways Trump’s orders are shirked by his nominal subordinates. Trump tweeted in July that the “United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.” The actual policy set forth in executive orders in August will be very different: it leaves discretion to the secretary of defense to determine whether “military readiness” will be assisted or impaired by allowing transgender soldiers to continue their service.
    We’ve seen the president issue threats of imminent military action—only to be contradicted by cabinet officers and military staff assuring potential adversaries that the United States will not initiate the use of force that the president had threatened to initiate.
    The military and intelligence agencies are learning new habits of disregard for presidential statements and even orders that those agencies deem ignorant or reckless. By and large, those agencies’ judgments are vastly to be preferred to the president’s—but that does not make these habits any less dangerous.
    Among other insights, Corker’s Sunday interview forces Americans to confront some tough questions: By what methods is the president being contained? Is he, for example, being denied sensitive information by agencies that remember how he blurted a closely guarded secret to the Russian foreign minister and the location of U.S. nuclear submarines to the president of the Philippines? Are allies and potential adversaries being signaled that presidential statements do not actually represent the policy of the United States government? That was how National-Security Adviser H.R. McMaster dealt with Trump’s refusal to read aloud the endorsement of NATO’s Article 5 in the speech written for Trump to deliver at NATO headquarters in May. “He did not make a decision not to say it.”
    To what extent does the president remain in the military chain of command? It seems incredible that the military would outright defy a presidential order. But not hearing it? Not understanding it? Not acting on it promptly? Holding back information that might provoke an unwanted presidential reaction? White House insiders told a reporter Monday that Vice President Pence had made a mistake in telling Trump he planned to attend Indiana football great Peyton Manning’s final game on Sunday: It was that casual remark that goaded Trump into ordering Pence to stage his walk-out stunt. Whether the story is true or not, it reveals the preferred method of managing a distrusted president: Deny him information that could have unwanted effects.
    Thank you and congratulations to those officials struggling to protect American security, the Western alliance, and world peace against Donald Trump. But the constitutional order is becoming the casualty of these struggles. The Constitution provides a way to remedy an unfit presidency: the removal process under the 25th amendment. Regencies and palace coups are not constitutional. I dare say many readers would prefer a Mattis presidency to a Trump presidency. But to stealthily endow Secretary Mattis with the powers of the presidency as a work-around of Trump’s abuse of them? That’s a crisis, too, and one sinister for the future. What if Trump is succeeded by a Bernie Sanders-type whom the military and intelligence agencies distrust as much as they distrust Trump: Will they continue the habits they acquired in the Trump years?
    Bob Corker’s “containment” remark both reassures and warns: The “lesser evil” response to Trump’s challenge to the constitutional order—isolate and ignore him—remains a significant hazard in itself.

    • So Corker exposes himself as an establishment swamp rat. They are creeping out one by one for all to see.

      First, I totally disagree that Trump would be that careless as to start WW3, or even hit the Nork’s without provocation. Where was these clowns when Obama and Clinton destroyed Libya, who NEVER threatened the US??????? If there was a Constitutional crisis recently, it was then. A total dereliction of duty by Congress in keeping Obama in check, so now this dork bloviates his nonsense. Corker is likely a goner in his next election.

      Frankly, I think he is handling the Nork’s the way they should be dealt with. I also doubt China would lift a finger should we eliminate the Nork’s leadership, via military strike.

    • An acute risk of what? What is there that could possibly be out there that hasn’t already been dug up by Assange, Snowden, the Awan Bros, anonymous leakers and hackers, Deep State, Brennen, Comey, Mueller, 4chan, Reddit, Alex Jones. Project Veritas and everybody else. These guys all…have so much dirt…and are so dug in..that none of them can trust each other. That’s at state, federal and global levels.

      Trump is unpredictable and he operates outside ‘their’ bubble. So what. They can’t keep up. I see that as a good thing. Corker is retaliating for Trump not endorsing him or offering him a cabinet position. He decided to bail before being kicked to the curb by his state. Re: N Korea…follow the money. It’s an economic thing, not military.

      • Can you imagine the frustration Trump must have after being thwarted at nearly every piece of legislation by these idiots? A little cooperation might help.

    • I believe that the guy said we have submarines in the area that is translated by this Frum character to Coordinates? sensitive info? Hardly the Russkies may be a bit rusty but they basically knew where all our boats were throughout the 60’s,70’s and 80’s. It is amazing what nonsense ignorant people can come up with! I remember reading that had there been a war in the 1970’s each of our boomers would get off 1Shot, at the outside 2 before they disappeared in a nuclear mushroom themselves. One of the reasons the MIRV warhead was invented.

  32. The same David Frum from the Washington Times?……………uh huh!

  33. Feinstein reupping. I was hoping she would retire. She is 84 now. will be 85 when reelected and 91 at the end of her next term. Why oh why do these people think this is a lifetime job?

  34. Did I hear correctly….Kaepernick now wants to come back to the NFL and will no longer sit for the Anthem? I guess he is getting hungry……I wonder who will be stupid enough to hire him…with his stats……..perhaps he could play in the Pop Warner league but he might be a back up there.

  35. I wonder………wouldnot the same law that unmasked the KKK be applicable to the ANITFA?

    • It is Colonel. the law is very specific. No masks for nobody. apparently there are very few states that do not have it. Now, you have to ask yourself as Orwell postulated in “Animal Farm”. Is it that while all animals are equal, some may be more equal than others.

      Don’t know if you caught the video I posted of the cops unmasking the broad with the steel pipe holding her flag. Instructive.

      Thanks again for your description/comments on bump-fire. Appreciated it.

  36. Something is brewing.

    The calm before the storm.

    I don’t know what it is, but last night I read a lengthy set of posts by someone on Reddit or 4chan, not sure which one, where Trump is about to blow the lid off the entire Washington cabal. From 9/11 to rigged elections to Fast and Furious and Benghazi to the changing story out of Vegas to the need to replace all of Congress and why.

    The Treehouse has referred to The Big Ugly several times now.

    Look for a Presidential Address sometime soon. When a Presidential Address is announced, all network TV must cover the address in full with no commercial interruption or commentary.

    I’m jus sayin

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