The Tide is Turning

waitingAfter the Comey hearing, which destroyed the Liberal fairy tale of collusion between Trump and the Russians, the constant harping by the Left on the subject further lowers their already below gutter credibility level.  The tide is turning away from investigating Trump and the Russians because it was a LIE all along.  The truth will continue to come out and when it’s all over, those who espoused the LIES will be choking on crow…..again.



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    Colonel, keep the hot weather coming 😀

    • Mathius says:

      Heat is good.

      My favorite weather is 110-115, but that assumes the near-zero humidity of an Arizona summer. I love – love – that blast of of heat you feel when you walk out of an air conditioned house and it hits you like a wall. All the tension in your muscles just instantly melts away. God, I miss it.

      Add in some humidity, though, and it’s not nearly as fun.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        Why don’t you just build yourself a sauna, you idiot?

      • Yes…..I like the high desert heat as well……and my favorite weather is 95 to 110 or so….DRY HEAT…….what I do not like,,,,,is 110 degrees with a humidity factor of 30 or greater. I am getting to old for these 125 degree heat indexes. Oh…….don’t let DPM fool you….on his refit, I noticed that he installed a deck pool outside the captain’s cabin, attended by some rather unique deck hands.

        • It is reported that there are some missing Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders…but that is rumor, of course.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            The rumor should be that Jerry Jones is missing. That would be grounds for a celebration.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          the past several days have been 95-100 in the shade and 83% humidity. That really takes the starch out of your collar.

          The bad part is that for the past two weeks I’ve started a restoration of a house built around 1860. No electrical, No plumbing, gutted. Drinking gallons of water and no need to take a leak. That is dehydrating. I much prefer the heat with low humidity, like I grew up with out west……the owner is a senior Marine officer who is using the house as a project to relieve stress and he doesn’t come home and kick the dog. He got nabbed for that long overdue Pentagon duty so next week he’s gone for several years and I get to work independently.

  2. Canine Weapon says:
  3. I just saw a world war two egnigma machine being sold for 300 to 500 grand. It still worked and they said that the British cracked this code in WWII….that was capable of one billion billion combinations……Yes, I said it correctly… billion billion……

    Is that a lot?

    • And DPM still uses pinafors.

    • 10^9 = giga = billion = 1,000,000,000
      10^18 = exa = billion billion =1,000,000,000,000,000,000
      If the unit were meters then 1 exameter = 105.77248072 light years to be exact as Mr. Spock would say.
      But to you Col., a s–t load.

    • The British did, indeed, crack Enigma. It is one of the great stories of WWII.

      They cracked the code and then tightly controlled what information was released so that the Germans wouldn’t get wind of the fact. It is generally credited with shortening the war by two years. In addition, the British government continued efforts to crack the code by traditional means as a ruse and because, if they suddenly stopped trying, and the Germans noticed, they’d know their code had been broken.

      Enigma, itself, was a simple mechanical device capable of, yes, billions of billions of combinations. What made the difference was the invention of the Turing Machine by, of course, Alan Turing.

      The Turing machine wasn’t really capable of cracking billions of billions of potential combinations, and, to make matters worse, the code changed every day. The thing that really won the day (in the early days of the machine) were that the Nazis sent out daily weather reports every morning at the same time, formatted the same way, ending with the same exact sign off. Given that, the machine could look for combination where the end of this message matched the sign-off.

      The Turing Machine wsa the first instance of a true multi-purpose computer and is the progenitor of all modern computers.

      I love cryptography and the Enigma machine was one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever studied. It was absolutely brilliant, easy to use, reliable, and insanely hard to crack by contemporary standards. The big mistake the Germans made was in believing it to be infallible.

      Additionally, for good measure, they should have used a standard packet size. What this means is that all messages are of a fixed length, padding with garbage as needed. If necessary, you send multiple messages, but this means that no one can tell a weather report from a status report or a standard check-in or anything else. It also means that your sign off is not always at the “end” for easy reference cracking..


      Fun Fact: Alan Turing, despite having achieved this remarkable feat, saved countless lives, shortened the war, and possibly won the war, was chemically castrated in 1952 by the British government because he was a homosexual.

      Fun Fact II: Alan Turing committed suicide shortly thereafter.

      Fun Fact III: He was given a posthumous pardon in 2013. A bit too late.

      Fun Fact IV: There exists a test called the Turing Test wherein a person talks to an individual who cannot be seen (via typed communication). The person is tasked with determining whether the individual on the other side is another human or a computer. To date, no computer has successfully passed the test despite elaborate efforts such as introducing deliberate “typos” and spelling errors and crippling the computer’s ability to respond to math problems (because if you instantly know how to multiply 12 digit numbers, I can be fairly confident you aren’t a human). But they’re getting closer.

      • Yes, I have read extensively aboutthe Enigma….very interesting. I just thought that a billion billion….was a little more than one or two.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      That is a bucket load

      Bletchley Park was some center for code breakers. So many of the codebreakers were women. There was a 60’s english spy movie about codebreakers. Most were women and they were grinding out the work with their minds not machines. Women must be totally wired differently to look at stuff like this obtusely and not in a logical way like men do.

      • Dirk Bogarde played the lead. Good movie.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          “Sebastian” with Sarah Miles

          My opinion as for today’s intelligence gathering. There is so much S**T flying around in the ethernet today, they can not see the forest for the trees. Without the hands on and eyeballs on scene aka “humint” it’s all BS. The only actions that can be taken are AFTER the fact because after the fact they find all the evidence actually was out there broadcasting of the “Crime” There is NO proactive actions. It still takes a human to analyze and set a sequence of evidence gathering in motion.

          The way the spooks are leaking stuff destroying anyone whom they choose and that includes Saddam, but when someone says “PROVE IT” they claim can not do so for national security reasons. Talk about Cardinal Richelieu on steroids.

  4. gmanfortruth says:
  5. gmanfortruth says:
    • Mathius says:


      A) There is absolutely no doubt that we are biologically biased to detect faces. (This, by the way, is why we tend to see faces where there aren’t any, such as in clouds). That is starts before birth is interesting as it puts another nail in the coffin of the idea that it’s “imprint” based.

      B) The method they used was to show a trio of lights with two at the top or two at the bottom. Then, some poor SOB sat there with a stopwatch to see what the fetus would do. This tends not to be the most effective means of measuring and can introduce a lot of noise or unintentional bias. They recorded the results, so the better approach would have been to mark the tape for exact measurements to help rule out human error or human bias (intentional or unintentional) – especially since the measurers were not double-blinded (!!!).

      C) Like good scientists, they did some upside-down first and some right-side-up first. Unlike good scientists, they did not double-blind the tester. Also, unlike good scientists, they did not report the results separately or publish the whole data-set. I cannot speak to their math, but the statistical results they reported appear reasonable and reasonably compelling despite the small sample size.

      D) Conclusion not in evidence: They have shown that a fetus (probably, maybe) tracks right-side-up trios of lights more than upside-down trios of lights, but I would have liked to see efforts designed to compare this to “more face-like” and other non-face shapes. It seems apparent to me that an innate face-tracking bias is in play here, but that cannot be concluded from the evidence at hand. The scientists in the study leapt to an unsupported conclusion. Tsk tsk tsk.

      E) And interesting observation: they noted more tracking of the “face” if they moved it toward the fetus rather than away from the fetus, supporting the inference that it is a biological predisposition. The prevailing theory on face tracking is that we’re so good at it because it’s a defense / self-preservation mechanism. That is, it’s very, very important to see a face because that face might be a threat, whereas the cost of seeing one that isn’t there is negligible. Therefore, by extension, (though the authors don’t explicitly state this), it stands to reason that a face moving toward you is more of a threat than one moving away – and, as such, should be tracked with higher frequency. Their evidence supports this. That fact that this is consistent lends additional credibility to their results.

      F) 39 fetuses is a decent sample-size, but I would have liked to see more. Gestational age between 231 and 252 days is 7.7-8.5 months. So we’re talking about late 3rd – not to take away from the evidence, but more as an FYI. I’d also point out that science is littered with “statistically significant” results that did not bear out on repeated trials. Therefore, until the results are repeated and confirmed by an independent 3rd party, they should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, this is the best evidence on hand of this observation, so it should be considered the most likely (just not definite) answer with regards to fetuses tracking light-trios.


      Now to keep things in perspective.

      A dog will also track human faces – and a dog is not considered sentient – you know, in case anyone was thinking of using this as evidence against abortion.

      Almost no one suggests it’s ok to abort in the 3rd trimester. There are, of course, some idiots who think D&X are ok right up until birth, but they are, as I say, idiots. To suggest it is the standard or accepted view of the left would be a strawman (not that you’d make this claim, but I just thought it bore mentioning).

      Non-double-blind!!!!!! Not double-blind, not good. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk! FOR SHAME!

      I don’t, personally, see a “face” when there are three lights, but the evidence would be hard to explain if the fetus didn’t process it that way. That is, unless there was a significant inadvertent bias because the experimenter didn’t double-blind and used a stopwatch in situ instead of recording and timing via recordings (which they did make – so why not use?). They did use two people using stopwatches (and averaged their results), so that should quiet some of the noise, but still – why not just use the tapes?


      The research was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council – a reputable and non-biased organization funded, in turn, by the British government. Given this, I can place a far higher confidence in this study than if it had been funded by, say, Right to Life. This is good (and this is further evidence of why we should be funding science through the government).

      The lead researcher, Vincent M. Reid, does not appear to be associated with any pro-life organizations. His previous publications (of which there are several) have tended to focus on infants, but he also has some publications on fetal eye development which are interesting. This is good as it shows a (probable) lack of bias as well as a general competence. That said, he does tend toward the click-batey headlines, but not terribly so, and it’s more a sign of the times than a mark against him, personally or professionally.


      Link to the actual publication:


      Conclusion: This is pretty cool. It does nothing to move the needle on abortion as far as I’m concerned, but it’s some pretty cool science. It could have been improved in a few places, but the results are largely credible. So, yea, pretty cool.

      • Well darn, I guess I’ll just get G to delete it —- 😁 just kidding! It is cool and Mathius anything that shows the unborn baby’s humanity and makes people realize all that they don’t know, will help the fight against abortion.

        • Well V, anything that de-humanizes works. last year I posted sections of the Life Magazine issues from the early ’60’s about Thalidomide, birth defects and abortion. There was the case in Belgium that still haunts me. The woman and Doctor who conspired to give the baby an overdose of barbiturates so he wouldn’t suffer the pain of not having normal arms. They were being tried for murder. i wonder what the follow-up was in 1962 but what I do know is less than 50 years later, Belgium became one of the advanced states accepting euthanasia. Who says the Nazi’s didn’t win?

          • What’s wrong with euthanasia?

            There’s a world of difference between killing someone who doesn’t want to be killed and having a doctor provide you with a painless death at a time of your own choosing. I fail to understand your comparison to the the Nazis.

            • What if you are a kid, what if you do not have a say in the matter, what if it is a convenience for the state? The Nazi’s you may remember cleaned out ALL the asylums, not just the ones for the feeble minded. We are on the road.

              Probably over 25-30 years since I first learned Margaret Sanger was a poster child for the Nazi’s. Mostly her work on the untermenchen! Just love the krauts.

              • Euthanasia when you do not / cannot consent is not euthanasia. If you do not consent, it is murder.

                “Euthanizing” kids, the mentally ill, etc, is not “euthanasia.” That is a euphemism for murder.

                Euthanasia is “I’m terminally ill and want to go out on my terms without pain, on my schedule, so I can be with my family, so I’m having a doc come and give me a lethal dose of morphine.”

                The Nazi’s you may remember cleaned out ALL the asylums, not just the ones for the feeble minded. We are on the road.

                That’s not euthanasia. That’s genocide.

                No one, anywhere, is talking about justifying “putting people down” like a “mercy killing” as a viable policy option in any civilized country (or even the US). We’re suggesting people should be able to die with dignity and comfort.

                You referenced Belgium. Belgium isn’t just throwing their disabled into an incinerator. Only Rick Santorum, who “says what’s in his heart,” thinks that the elderly have to wear special bracelets to avoid being killed (in the Netherlands).

                that 1 in 20 deaths in the Netherlands are caused by involuntary euthanasia. According to Santorum, elderly Dutch wear bracelets that say “do not euthanize me” and “don’t go to the hospital, they go to another country, because they’re afraid because of budget purposes that they will not come out of that hospital if they go into it with sickness.”

                Which, of course, is total bullshit.

                In Belgium, the requirements are that patients are experiencing “constant and unbearable” suffering – either mental or physical – and their condition is ‘incurable.” And then patients must put their request in writing. A doctor has to certify your mental competency to make that decision. You have the right to revoke your request at any time.

                That is about as far as the Nazi’s “cleaned out ALL the asylums” or the “road” thereto as possible.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Just watch “Judgement at Nurenburg”. Should be mandatory watching annually, just like taking the classified information security courses annually like many of us did. And did not violate the rules.

                The phrase “A slippery slope” is very appropriate.

        • VH,

          I don’t think this helps your case at all (not that it hurts it either). You’ve shown a biological tendency to track triangles. Even if I stipulate (as seems fair) that the triangles are a stand-in for faces, I don’t see how this changes anything.

          The arguments for abortion is:
          A) a woman has a right to evict foreign objects from her body
          B) fetuses are not conscious human beings

          If “tracking faces” were sufficient evidence of sentience, then dogs, who also track faces, should be considered sentient. Also monkeys, apes, cats, dolphins, and crows (off the top of my head).

          So you haven’t really moved the needle in any sense of logical construct. You’ve just added another drop of pathos to an already loaded subject.

          • We’re not talking about dogs. And just for the record I’m not for ripping puppies out of their mothers wombs either.

  6. Mathius says:

    “National security is not a ‘talismanic incantation’ that, once invoked, can support any and all exercise of executive power.”

    9th Circuit Court, blocking (again) Trump’s travel ban.

    • Nice “opinion” kind is nonsense unless the “Law” is modified.

      • Got interrupted, kind OF nonsense.

        Want to change the law? Change the law, don’t go off to some sniveling judge with your problems. That is neither a Republic nor a Democracy. More like the Oracle at Delphi. I have little faith in staring down at pigeon guts. More in people arguing and voting even if they are wrong in the end, it was honest. No guarantee or proof that a judge would get it any better.

        Like I said last week, go watch “Judgement at Nuremberg”.

    • Sigh…….9th court…… its start with Captain Kangaroo then went downhill from there. So, there is another ruling from the most over turned court since Adam and Eve….and for a judge to circumvent law on a statement made…is not applying law at all.

  7. I may be slightly off on this because I came in late. The Secy of labor today announced a collaborative partnership with several large firms to bring in apprentices to learn trades citing yet again the lack of skills and the surplus of unfilled skilled jobs. The average job filled so far by programs like this pays $ 60,000 per year. A Newsidiot, then asked if this was not for “dead end” non “white collar” non “college” positions. The secretary then pointed out it was for all kinds of jobs.

    So, Newsidiot (perhaps Newswit is better?) is one of those guys who believes that unless you go to a four year “college”, major in something like communications get out owing $ 100,000 while earning $ 45,000 in a boutique shoe store, you are neither fulfilled nor successful.

  8. gmanfortruth says:

    Funny thing about hot weather, you find out just how much most Climate Changers believe in their nonsense.

  9. Well now that Trump is not and was not under investigation for collusion with Russia, we are back to emoluments!

    So if a foreigner stays in a Trump hotel or the Grand Duchy of Grand Fenwick chooses to hold a coronation anniversary ball in the Trump Plaza, it is a PAY OFF to Trump.

    Funny how the fact that people bought and drank Scotch 1961-63 never became a disqualifier for the Kennedy Presidency despite old Joe’s stranglehold on the market.

    • Politicians used to serve and then return to their job or business , now owning a business is a negative.

      • Jimmy Carter had to sell his peanut farm.

        • Objection:…………….Carter put his peanut farm into a blind trust and returned to his peanut farm after his Presidency.

          In addition, he put his peanut farm into a blind trust which ran the farm into debt of over one million dollars. There is nothing that says you cannot own a business….you just cannot run it from your desk as President.

          A blind trust destroys business. To put anything into a blind trust is folly. I have no problem with any POTUS owning a business. I do have a problem if a POTUS runs or favors a business from his desk as POTUS. I have no problem with people deciding to stay in Trump hotels….he does not run them nor does he solicit……well, let’s say, he doesnot solicit to my knowledge…..unlike CLinton who says…..put some bucks in and I will sign over whatever.

  10. I kinda like this one:

    • Just heard he is in a coma.

      • Did you see the pictures of the release? Two North Korean uniformed Guards half dragging him throught the corridors…….He reminded me of the inmates from the movie “One Who Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”……..If North Korea wanted some P R…..they would have wheeled him out on a gurney or wheelchair….or even an ambulance….THey made a huge show of dragging him out with Soldiers.

  11. Blowing off the security violations as no big deal….well, they clearly do not understand the implications.

    There is another general that has lost his job, lost his pension, been demoted and career ruined for leaving a closed file on his desk that no one read. Clinton revealed CIA assets, in which two were killed, had an illegal server with classified information on it up to and including codes, ( that is why Texas does not give up its codes any longer in cooperation with the State Department. They are on a need to know basis. They were compromised right off her server ).It is clearly a double standard….and everyone laughs.

    D13 responding to the severity of Clinton’s reference to nuclear launch timing.

    With that in mind, would you care to weigh in on the following from Trump to President Duarte of the Philippines.

    We have a lot of firepower of there [Korea]. We have two submarines – the best in the world – we have two nuclear submarines – not that we want to use them at all.


    • Me or someone else? I would be happy to but don’t want to rain on your parade…..and since I threw a funny jab at ya……I am looking for ambushes..

      • The floor is yours.

        I saw the jab, old-timer, don’t worry, what goes around comes around. And I still have JAC’s bear trap on hand.

        • Ok thoughts……there was no classified information there. Everyone, including DPM, knows that the US has nuclear submarines…as there are no deisel subs left in service. Every nuke sub has enough fire power to out fart “Fat Bastard”. That said. So, I see no problem with what he said as far as classified information.

          Now, let us talk about his ego. I do not think the two nuclear sub-mobiles have enough firepower to curb the expanse of Trump’s ego. A single Ohio class sub has 24 Tridents with 12 warheads each and can travel 20,000 ft PER SECOND….that is fast. In addition, they fire Mark 48 torpedos capable of hitting targets 30 miles away.

          North Korea, and DPM, also know that nuclear attack subs accompany each air craft carrier group…..their positioning is no secret, even to the Eskimos. SO… problem there.

          Now, despite the fact that I like a little muscle flexing from time to time….just showing up in Korean waters is flexing enough. He does not need to remind North Korea of their firepower. He just needs to put the big stick in the corner and say nothing and go about his agenda……but that is not his personality. I still wish that Trump would curb his tongue but that is about as possible as Mathius turning Republican tomorrow.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            and breaking his Twitter fingers and feeling that he has to respond to every twit, note not tweet in the world…….maybe that is why “twitter” chose it’s name.

        • You can lift that bear trap? Damn…….but I guess if you drink enough Red Bull…you can lift anything.

    • I believe he is telling the Philippine President, the Japanese Prime Minister and the hooples in South Korea , “we’ve got your back.”

      Unless he hands out coordinates where the subs are parked, so what? Like the NK’s don’t already know?

      Personally it is time for us to take off the training wheels from the South Korean bike and let them stand alone. they have more stuff, more people and more money than the north. Uncle Sugar needs to tell them to grow a pair. Or, they can always roll over and play dead like the Students want them to.

      • Mathius says:

        I happen to agree with the “so what.”

        Everyone with half a brain could have told you we had some subs nearby. And, as the good colonel points out, everyone knows our subs are nuclear and, er, packing serious heat. This is not news. The fact that there are / were two might be more specific, and might constitute “new” information, but it’s hardly significant. Whether we have one sub or 26, it’s enough to ruin Kim’s day. But, even though the colonel din’t address it, I’d be willing to bet that the locations of our nuclear submarines is classified.

        No, what I was getting at is that everyone (including Mr. Colonel) lost their minds that Clinton mentioned the approximate timing for how long from go-ahead to launch it takes to fire a nuclear missile. Just like the above-mentioned subs, it was pretty much common knowledge. Maybe I didn’t know it was six minutes, but I definitely knew it was sub-ten, and probably greater than two. But, as the good colonel pointed out in October, the number is officially classified.

        But when Clinton did it, the world ended. It was proof – PROOF – that she can’t be trusted with operational security, that she has a big mouth, that she doesn’t take classified information seriously, yada yada yada. But Trump does it and… radio silence from the right.

        Both of them told us something classified (locations of subs, delay of nuke launches) that we knew (generally, or should have known) beforehand. Both gave us a bit more specific information than we had before, but nothing significant. Neither really compromised anything. So I see these are roughly analogous – yet they aren’t being treated that way.

        Why was Clinton’s justification for a media firestorm, but Trump’s merits a yawn?

        • First, sir, I do not remember, I can’t recall, not to my knowledge did I have a heart attack over the six minutes it takes for a ICBM to blast someone into a glass menagerie. That is pretty common knowledge…..That excerpt above ( that you posted from me ) pertains to an unprotected server in her basement….THAT is what I had a heart attack over…( But let me be very clear on this as well..we still do not give our border codes or security codes to the State Department to this very day…just wanted to make that clear…Trump being in there has not changed our mind). That said, we really do not trust Washington right now, no matter whom is in charge. I think that the whole of our government has proven that the security of our country is not at heart.

          Honestly, Mathius,,,,( and this is a serious statement )….I do not think that Washington establishment can be trusted at all and it worries me a lot.

        • Did you know that by the time missile two is off, the sub has been pinpointed and a killer missile is on the way? Nobody knows that but it’s been a fact since at least the 1970’s. One of the reasons we MIRV’d the missiles.

          There is at least one and probably a lot more satellites devoted exclusively to each sub and carrier.

          • I’d love to hear more about this.. care to elaborate?

            • Sure….what would you like to know…..I will give you the Cliff Notes version…..if you want more, just ask.

              There are prepositioned satellites that have but one purpose… monitor grids. It is the same theory that when a ship warms up its boiler or when tanks turn on their motors, we know it withing seconds. When a plume or firing happens, GPS coordinates are immediately sent to assets that have but one purpose……suppression. If it is determined to be hostile, the second firing will immediately send a response. Unless several missiles were “spun” at the same time….chances are a third one would not be fired.

              Return suppressive fire in artillery has been going on for many years. In the early going it was determined by azimuth….now it is satellite.

              • In submarines, here is the declassified version. There are firing tubes that have but one purpose….a torpedo is immediately returned the very second that a hostile torpedo is fired…it ranges and pings and does not respond to counter measures.

              • Canine Weapon says:

                If you encounter a unit you can’t identify, fire one round over their heads so it won’t hit anyone.

                If the response is a fusillade of rapid, precise rifle fire, they’re British.

                If the response is a s**tstorm of machine-gun fire, they’re German.

                If they throw down their arms and surrender, they’re Italian.

                And if nothing happens for five minutes and then your position is obliterated by support artillery or an airstrike, they’re American.

            • Oh, I forgot…..killer/hunters are also fired from space platforms.

  12. Canine Weapon says:

    • I don’t get it. Is there a problem with Sarah now?

      • Mathius says:

        Her 3 year old (4 year old?) got ahold of her phone and tweeted this out from her official twitter account.

        Obviously, Canine Weapon found it humorous.

        • Ahh. –it happens.

          • Mathius says:

            Well, yes, it does happen.

            Though, you know, to be fair, if you have a twitter account speaking on behalf of the President of the United States, you should probably guard it better than that…

            But, yes, it does happen. And it’s still funny when it does.

  13. “Trump didn’t win the election, the Democratic Party lost the election.” – Bernie Sanders

    • Bernie had a following like Trump did. I was worried a few times how a Trump/Bernie election would turn out. I had sympathy for Bernie at first until he plain old laid off during the primaries. If he’d have kept up his fight, I bet he could have beat her. Either he just wanted his side to be heard and was good with that, or she made him a deal to lay off.

      • Mathius says:

        Bernie laid off Clinton in the primary? What primary were you watching?

        Until she clinched it, he was a mountain of fire and brimstone. Every time she tried to pivot to the general, he beat her with a stick from her left flank.

        • He softened toward the end. Then totally caved.

          • Mathius says:

            Not until the math had made victory all but impossible.

            At that point, there’s no reason to continue bludgeoning the (eventual) nominee.

            • Especially if he wanted to participate in her cabinet or some other position simply because of his following…..and I agree………the Democrats lost the election on two fronts. (1) they took it for granted and (2) they disregarded the common street folk…there was indeed a silent majority and it was not old crotchety white guys.

  14. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Here I was, minding my own business, sailing up through the sand bars and shallow waters off the Texas coast, and you wouldn’t believe it, but some blame fool set a giant bear trap right along my route.

    The Hammer is now laid up for repairs while I try to figure out how to pry this thing off my ship.


    The label says “Property of Just A Citizen,” so rest assured there’s going to be some retribution here.

  15. A gun woke up this morning and made its way to an Alexandria park where it opened fire on a group of politicians. Sgt. Berretta and Cpl. Ruger of the Alexandria police returned fire and terminated the offending fire arm.

    • Canine Weapon says:

    • Now, I’ve never opened fire into a GOP baseball team before (that you can prove, anyway), but it seems to me that this was terribly ineffective.

      Maybe someone with more knowledge of the tactical matters at hand could opine why there were so few injuries and no fatalities. Was the guy just a lousy shot? Were there countermeasures which aren’t being talked about (like a nearby security force)? Did he start shooting from the outfield? Is it just that anyone nuts enough to do this is also probably too nuts to be effective at it? Did he have a lot riding on the outcome of the game and just wanted to do enough damage to guarantee a loss? What gives?

      I’m happy there weren’t more injuries (enough though I really dislike some of these guys), but I just don’t understand why (yet again!) terrorists / gunmen / lunatics aren’t more effective. D13 would probably have been able to take down the whole lineup from 800m out and disappeared without a trace. So why does this guy wind up injuring six, killing zero, and getting injured and captured?


      Also, why was this guy a “gunman” whereas if he weren’t a “middle aged white man,” he would undoubtedly be a “terrorist”?

      • First, he is identified that way until an Ideology comes out. Then it will change.

        You bet your sweet ass the entire lineup would have been eliminated with far less than 100 shots within 4 minutes….and I would have vanished like a fart in a hurricane. That said……

        We do not know yet, or I have not heard, what type of weapon was used other than a rifle. THAT covers a lot of territory. In addition, if the shooter was not familiar with the weapon, he would not have been that effective… I understand all the shooting took place within 180 feet…I think I will wait until the investigation is done. I also understand that the capitol police returned fire almost immediately and I am sure that some suppresive fire spoiled whatever aim he was taking….assuming he was aiming and not pointing. His mistake was in not taking out the police first….then he would have had more time.

        NOTE: To the security services monitoring this blog….you have nothing to fear here. Move on.

        • I heard it was an M4

        • Leftist commie pinkos who were not drafted (this guy might have missed by a few years) and who never went to Boy Scout Camp as a kid are woefully under prepared in firearms. Suffice it to say that HE thought he would have leisurely time eliminating everybody. The unplanned event was having the two capitol Cops there. Planning, planning, planning! Intel, Intel, Intel! at 4:30 PM EDST I note that the BS has suddenly stopped being fun and games Time for me to start shutting down on toxic people rather than arguing with them. About to lose about three high school friends and a few outside that circle.

  16. Mathius says:

    Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) told reporters that he used his belt as a tourniquet to stop a staffer’s bleeding.

    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but aren’t you only supposed to use a tourniquet if the limb is toast? My understanding was that you should keep pressure on the wound, but tourniquets (if properly applied) cut off blood flow to the whole limb and necrosis of that limb, thus the loss of that limb.

    I would hazard a guess that Mo Brooks does not know how to properly tighten a tourniquet, so the staffer probably got to keep his arm/leg. Then again, knowing Mo Brooks, he might have applied the tourniquet to the guy’s neck.

    One of you army-types surly knows.

    • Battlefield emergency aid…stop the bleeding, protect the wound, treat for shock. Tourniquets are used to stop the bleeding with visible damage to arteries…such as a femoral artery. However, you loosen the tourniquet every three minutes for 30 seconds and re-apply tourniquet and repreat unless you can reduce the bleeding to a trickle. If you can reduce the blood flow to a trickle, it still supplies the affected area with oxygen. If blood is gushing, bandage with pressure…if blood is spurting with each beat of the heart…..apply tourniquet to stop the bleeding….a main artery allowed to bleed will kill you in three minutes or less.

      In the event of a neck would, obvioulsy a tourniquet does not work….you can use a clamp or “pinch” the artery with your fingers…such as a carotid. release and reapply.

  17. Mathius says:

    Credit where it’s due.

    The Donald issued a very Presidential statement on the shooting. He refrained from making it about himself. He offered his thoughts and prayers. He condemned the actions. He didn’t fan the flames. And he didn’t blame it on his political opponents.

    It remains to be seen if he will retain this level of decorum in the coming days (smart money says no).

  18. Mathius says:

    Why do we have a Second Amendment? It’s not to shoot deer. It’s to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical!

    Rand Paul
    June 23, 2016
    (via Twitter)

    Well, ok, then. This guy was just taking Paul’s own advice.

    • Careful now…..Rand Paul does not speak for the majority…..he sucks donkey tootles in my opinion and that is not what the 2nd amendment is for…..quit trying to start an argument. I ain’t bitin’.

      • Mathius says:

        Fine, no arguments.

        But surely you can see the irony in a guy using a gun to shoot at Rand Paul, a leading member of the government, almost exactly a year after Paul said that the 2nd Amendment lets people have guns so that they can shoot at the government.


        • Yes…I can see the irony of it….and I am sure he is thinking….” I hope no one remembers I said that “.

          Look, I am a 2nd amendment believer….I am all for it and I do not believe that it was designed for militia only…….NOR… I believe it was designed to stop government tyranny.

          • When the American insurrectionists rose up against the Crown in 1776 and used their privately owned firearms it was after a very long and open Public Debate culminating with representatives of all 13 colonies meeting in Philadelphia and drafting a document explaining why they took the actions they did. One lone NUT does not a revolution make. Nor do his delusions justify one. Somehow I am sure that Sen. Paul had that in mind. Another excellent reason to shitcan TWITTER unless you are using it to confirm a date with Selma Lou.

  19. Now, if anything cries profiling this is it……..this guy should have been on the radar three months ago……according to the things that I have heard.

    • Heard he had a criminal record. The background check somehow thwarted again.

      • Mathius says:

        So can we strengthen gun control laws now? 🙂

        • No sir…….I luv ya man…. you never give up.

          • RUT ROH….you did say gun laws and not guns… mistake, sir. Yes, there is some strengthening to be done….but you understand, as JAC will say, you are asking a government to control things.

          • Mathius says:

            Give up? I’m not a quitter!

            Dislaimer: I am not an expert in firearm law. I am certain I have made many errors in the below. Take it for what it’s worth..


            That said…. sadly… I have to be internally consistent. Just as I do not accept efforts by the right to legislate around SCOTUS in an effort to ban abortion, so too can I not accept efforts to end-run the courts to ban guns. So long as the SCOTUS position on guns is essentially a free-for-all which completely ignores the “militia” portion of the Amendment, I have some adjustments to make to the US legal system.

            All gun control and gun related laws which have not faced and survived a direct court challenge should be rendered invalid until proven otherwise. As the courts have fairly clearly determined that the 2nd establishes is a deep and wide personal right to firearm ownership, the onus must be on the feds to prove any limitation is valid before it can take affect, not the other way around. This applies to any potential new laws as well. I will permit temporary (30 day max) bans on new items so that the gov has the ability to make its case rather than having to go out and try to confiscate them after the fact.

            All laws must serve a legitimate public interest. No laws may exist because, for example, this grip makes it look scary. Similarly marketing must be unrestricted (except insofar as it must be truthful and, I guess, not market to kids or incite violence).

            All valid laws on the books should be enforced to the highest practicable standards.

            The bullshit laws that force the BATF to keep all records in paper and prohibit searchable computerized databases, etc, have to go (unless there’s a court ruling I’m unaware of which mandates this). Similarly the laws baring federal research on gun violence. (these are “shoulds” and not “musts”).

            Unless the courts have determined otherwise, there should be a national, centralized database of all guns in the country. Individuals should be subject to spot checks. Transfers must be recorded under strong penalty (which cannot include loss of right to bear). Interpersonal (read: gun show loophole) transfers must still pass background checks (at the expense of the state, if applicable).

            Firearms must be construed in the broadest possible sense. I don’t know if that includes the right to own SCUD missiles but, unless the courts say otherwise, it should be construed as permitted.

            Open carry must be legal at all times in all places except where gun-free zones have been explicitly approved by the courts (and, of course, on private property at the prerogative of the land owner).

            Possession of a weapon pursuant to open carry cannot be considered reasonable cause to detain, interrogate, or otherwise disturb a private citizen by the authorities. Training to this affect must be a mandatory portion of all police training.

            Background checks should be enhanced to the strongest extent allowable under existing case law. Similarly, unless it’s been otherwise prohibited, a mental health check should be applied as well as association with known violent/radical groups. Anyone who fails a background check should be notified all the reason they failed and have an easy recourse if they disagree including near-immediate access to a court to argue their case – if requested, legal representation must be provided at the expense of the state.

            Waiting periods, unless necessary to complete a background check, are prohibited.

            Limitations on gun store hours are prohibited. Licences to sell must be minimally difficult to obtain and come at the state’s expense. Regulations must be kept to an absolute minimum and must pass legal challenge before implementation. Any expense of keeping up with regulations must be borne by the state. Gun stores, including income of the gun sellers (as far as such is derived from the sale of guns / paranoia) may not be subject to taxation. Zoning must permit a store anywhere a commercial store would otherwise be permitted (if you can put a Verizon store there, you can put a gun store there).

            States / cities may not impose stricter requirements of any kind than are permissible under the federal government. That’s permissible, not necessarily enacted. But if the feds can’t ban X, the states can’t ban X. If the feds can, but don’t, ban Y, the states can ban Y. All expenses / costs imposed by the feds must be borne by the federal government. All expenses / costs imposed by states / cities must be borne by them.

            Gun safety and training should be mandatory for all new owners, including new owners to a specific type of gun (eg, if you’ve only ever owned a pistol and you buy a long gun). You should be able to opt out if you can pass a simple (SIMPLE!) test on par with the difficulty of a written test at the DMV. This training should take a minimal amount of time (say, a few hours tops) and be available 24×7 at convenient locations or online. This training and testing should be paid for in full by the federal government. Your weapon should be preemptively shipped to the training location (at the state’s expense) and immediately handed to you upon completion.

            I’m not sure what the laws are (and I’m too lazy to check) regarding felony bans on gun ownership, but they seem to me to be improper. I don’t know how to opine, exactly, but it seems to me that non-violent offenses should never ban ownership. Violent offenses should get a temporary ban commensurate with the magnitude of the crime. There should be an appeals process to make the case that you’ve truly reformed and aren’t a threat to anyone or anything except some deer. The onus should be on you to prove your reformation, however. There should also be a program whereby you can “check out” a gun under the supervision of an approved supervisory person on a temporary basis (so, if you have a ban, but want to go hunting with your buddies, you can still go so long as this guy is with you and making sure you’re not up to anything). In other words, any such bans must exist to protect society from a known threat – NOT to be punitive in nature.

            Further, unless explicitly prohibited by CASE LAW, all types of guns, accessories, retrofits, etc, must be legal by default. Prohibitions on silencers, for example, must be considered illegal until the ban is proven valid in court. In other words, the onus is on the government, not the individual. This applies to bullets as well.

            Taxes on guns should be voided. Taxes on bullets as well. Taxes on firearm accessories as well (read gun cases, gun locks – not “I ❤ my gun" bumper stickers).

            Got all that? Anything I missed?


            Put more simply: Insofar as the courts have determined you can have weapons, you should be able to have weapons. Anything and everything the government does that is an imposition on that right must be (A) minimally invasive (B) minimally scoped (C) preemptively injuncted until explicitly approved by the courts (D) must come at the expense of the state and (E) serve a legitimate public interest.


            That said, of course, you know that I also support a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

            • That had to tire you out……you may even have a nightmare over this one.

              • Mathius says:

                I may have a nightmare, but it’s consistent. Don’t like the law? Change the law. No end-runs or technicalities allowed.

                You, I imagine, would be quite happy with this. (Except the registry – but it can’t all be your way).

        • Let us find out how! Few years back a nut killed a couple firemen in upper NY with a gun purchased for him by a local gal because he was on the no-go lust. Whatever happened to her? Slaps on the wrist are not appropriate. Like handing the keys to the pick-up to a drunk 12 year old.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          There are plenty of laws that are supposed to thwart actions of people such as this, using Charleston as an example, or the shooter at the University of Virginia. Or Colombine… is the humans running the system and doing the checks where the process fails……add another law and it also will be applied inaffectively by the SAME agencies tasked with performing the current laws.

  20. SKS Rifle….and not an AK 47 as one witness claimed.

    If it is a Chinese SKS…it has a ten round magazine.
    If it is a Soviet made SKS….it can have up to a 30 round magazine.

    It has been reported that he emptied the rifle and switched to a handgun.

    • SKS’s have the fixed mag but there is an after market attachment that allows them to use the AK 30rd. mags. Not that i am particularly fond of them but they also have a ten round stripper clip that you can, with a lot of practice, quick load with (a LOT of practice). I suspect that he did not expect return fire. Bollixed up his whole day.

      In a way, if he had succeeded, he might have just as well kicked off the damned revolution they all seem to want.

      • Afraid that it is already started. There are already people saying that the Republicans deserve “all the lead that they can get”…(shows what they know, there has not been a lead bullet since Noah built an ark). This country is so divided, I do not see much hope in the last of my lifetime and I hope my kids fight hard to keep it from being socialist.

  21. Mathius says:

    “The news is like a ship. If you take hands off the wheel, it pulls hard to the left.”

    Guess who….

  22. Now, the other day I was commenting on our friend Charlie, whom I was royally pissed at. Today, this winds up on my FB. May be time to kiss the toxic folks good-bye. All this stuff does is encourage Lee Harvey II. His rant is one thing, the comments are the next asshole waiting to happen.

    Look, I’m going to hell anyway … but excuse me for not giving a flying fuck about Congressman Scalise catching lead … the innocent people there, of course I sympathize with all of them … but people who vote a “hawkish” foreign policy are ultimately far more responsible for innocents being killed abroad than the Mob or the Mexican Mafia, et al, here … here’s a summary of his voting record: Representative Scalise opposes taxing businesses, consumer protection, funding education, environmental protection, financial sector regulation, gun control, humane immigration policy, labor rights and wages, lgbt rights, poverty amelioration, racial equality, increasing revenues, taxing the wealthy, a robust safety net, women’s rights and supports big business, hawkish foreign policy, taxing the middle class, military spending, avoiding default, domestic surveillance.

    Tough shit he caught one in the hip (or wherever) … think about all the innocents killed overseas … or those who go hungry here … or workers here suffering from this guy’s votes on labor …

    Sorry, I just don’t care.
    20 20
    1 share
    Penny Olive
    Penny Olive The way Republicans treat people do they think this is the only time they will face a gun man. People are fed up
    · Reply · 6 hrs
    Charlie Stella
    Charlie Stella I don’t excuse Democrats either, Penny, especially on war.
    · Reply ·
    · 6 hrs
    Steven Schwartz
    Steven Schwartz The immortal words of H. Rap Brown echo around the halls of Congress and remain as true as ever. While all these career, money-sucking lifers call for unity, no one seems to want to talk about the orange ignoramus who stirred the pot to the boiling po…See More
    · Reply ·
    · 3 hrs
    Tony Liberti
    Tony Liberti Charlie, that’s how we became Facebook friends; because you say it like it is!!!
    · Reply ·
    · 2 hrs
    Michelle Turlock Isler
    Michelle Turlock Isler Wow.
    · Reply · 24 mins

  23. Not that i have a whole lot of FB friends but let us see how they react to this.

    Today I think is a seminal day in the history of the republic. Certainly not the first and probably not the last. We have seen the hate engendered by the never Trumpers finally rise to where we thought it might go,. As usual, the guilty parties, gather in BS prayer circles and say “Who ME? Gun Control”. They are good at that.

    Since I got involved in this Face Bookey thing, I have tried to argue with people who have some small things correct but then go off the ranch with their conclusions/solutions. Being a fair to middlin historian (admittedly without portfolio), I keep it up in the hope that somehow I might just provide an “alternative” answer. Unfortunately what happens all the time, is that the topic either gets switched, the question I pose never gets answered or I become the victim of an ad hominem attack. I’m a big boy and I can take it. Pisses me off but I can take it. Took worse in the past, a lot worse.

    Now, however, I realize that some people refuse under any and all circumstances to accept any other answer than one that fits into their small minded, close minded, pre-conceived world view.

    I am not defriending anyone. It is after all important to see what the “other side” thinks but I will not rise to the bait (I hope) no matter how egregious the offense. However, if you feel you must leave, great.

    I was raised by a really great man who had all the native smarts one could ask for in a depression-WW2 survivor. I live by the motto, “there is never ONE way, there are 100.” That’s what he taught me. That’s what I’ll go to my grave believing. If you go to yours still trying to smash the square block into the round hole as you did in kindergarten, too bad. Too damned bad.

  24. gmanfortruth says:

    Mathius: Why change laws? Shooting people is already illegal and a vast majority of people who shoot others cannot own a gun under current law. New laws will change nothing.

    The shooter today was a Liberal PIG. The Liberal media have finally pushed a nut over the edge and now have blood on their hands (and yes, I can produce tons of video evidence. This is what happens when psycho’s hear all the Anti-Right bullshit that espouses violence

    Part of your clan, not mine 😦

  25. gmanfortruth says:

  26. gmanfortruth says:
  27. Ok….so, after watching that diabolical and shameful interview with the Fed yesterday in how inflation and interest rates work…..then watching how the world markets responded, I have come to the conclusion that any dimwit can claim to be an economist. So…….here is my view on how economics works in the world….using cows to explain it.

    Communism – You have 2 cows. The state takes both and gives you some milk.

    Socialism – You have 2 cows. You have to give one to your neighbor.

    Nazism – You have 2 cows. The state takes both of them and shoots you.

    Fascism – You have 2 cows. The state takes both and sells you some milk.

    Bureaucratism – The state takes both, shoots one, milks the other and then throws the milk away.

    Progressivism – You have 2 cows but you see them as giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons.

    Traditional Capitalism – You have 2 cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies and the economy grows. You sell them all and retire on the income.

    Venture Capitalism – You have 2 cows. You sell 3 of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, then execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all 4 cows back, with a tax exemption for 5 cows. The milk rights of the 6 cows are transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island Company secretly owned by the majority shareholder who sells the rights to all 7 cows back to your listed company. The annual report says the company owns 8 cows, with an option for one more.

    An Italian Corporation – You have 2 cows, but you donot know where they are. You decide to have lunch.

    A French Corporation – You have 2 cows. You go on strike, organize a riot, and block the roads, because you want 3 cows.

    An American Corporation – You have 2 cows. You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of 4 cows. Later, you hire a consultant to analyze why the cow has died.

    A Swiss Corporation – You have 5,000 cows. None of them belong to you. You charge the owners for storing them.

    An Irish Corporation – You have 2 cows. One of them is a horse.

    An Australian Corporation – You have 2 cows. Business seems pretty good. You close the office and go for a few beers to celebate.

    A Chinese Corporation – You hav3 2 cows. You have 300 peope milking them. You claim that you have full employment and high bovine productivity. You arrest the newsman who reported the real situation.

    An Indian Corporation – You have 2 cows. You worship them.

    An Iraqi Corporation – Everyone thinks you have a lot of cows. You tell them you have none. Nobody believes you, so they bomb the crap out of you and invade your country. You still have no cows but at least you are now a democracy.

    A British Corporation – You have 2 cows. BOth are mad.

    A Greek Corporation – You have 2 cows borrowed from the French and German banks. You eat both of them. The banks call to collect their milk, but you cannot deliver so you call the IMF. The IMF loans you two cows. You eat both of them. The banks and the IMF call to collect their caws and milk. You are out getting a haircut.

    A Japanese Corporation – YOu have 2 cows. You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce 20 times the milk. You then create a clever cow cartoon image called a Cowkimona and market it worldwide.

    That about sums it up.

  28. You have to hand it to the feminist movement now……..a TV news commentator on CNN was interviewing a feminist that was part of a march in Washington State whom was carrying a sign that reads: ” I need feminism because men can still rape even without laying a hand on a woman.”

    Another sign read: ” I ned feminism because the stare rape needs to stop.” When interviewed, the woman said that men who stare at you are just as guilty as a rapist who puts his hands on you.


    • Mathius says:

      In college, I had two run-ins with one of these types of “feminists.”


      The first time she was espousing that women should be in the military in combat roles. I suggested I have no issue with it.. if they are up the same physical fitness standards as men in such roles.

      She asserted that women are exactly equal to men.

      I tried to clarify.. women and men are equal in most ways, but we are not physically the same. Men are (as a general rule / statistically) bigger, stronger, faster, have more endurance, etc.

      She would have none of it. She insisted that women and men are identical.

      I asked why construction jobs are male dominated. She told me it’s because men tend to be less intelligent and those are the only jobs they can get.

      So I wrote her off as an idiot and stopped talking to her. I assume she thought she’d won the argument.


      The second time I ran into her, she was walking through a doorway behind me. I held the door after I’d walked through. Common courtesy, right? I’d do it for anyone, even JAC.

      She got an inch away from my face, put her thumbnail near my eye, and said that if I ever patronize her like that again, she’ll gouge my eyes out.

      I was too shocked to even respond, though in retrospect, I should have just slugged her in the gut and shouted “EQUALITY!” at the top of my lungs. Oh well.

      I’m sure she went back to her idiotic circle of friends and told them all how she had stood up to the patriarchy.


      With all that said, these are a tiny fraction of the true “feminists.” Other than her, I’ve never met anyone like this anywhere else. And, remember, I live in a liberal haven.

      These are man-hating extremist lunatics. They don’t want equality – they want to be the new oppressors. They give the group a bad name. All “real feminists” want is to be treated like humans of equal worth to men. Equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity, non discrimination, that kind of thing.

      These are perfectly reasonable, and important, goals. Even if most of the goals have been accomplished, I think a reasonable assessment is that there’s still some more ground to cover before they’re truly equal.

      For what it’s worth, many of the feminists I’ve spoken to also dislike anti-men policies, such as scholarships only women can get, or preferential treatment or quotas. They dislike women who flirt their way out of tickets, they don’t want to be exempted from the draft. These women just want equality and a just society. No special perks for having boobs, no special penalties. Most of them don’t have a problem with higher health care premiums either (since they cost more) – though there does seem to be some debate on that point.

      I’ve also spoken to them about anti-male discrimination for certain “pink collar” jobs. They generally think it’s wrong that men come under extra scrutiny if they want to be a teacher of young kids. Or that male nannies “mannies” are derided. Or that a house-husband is looked down on while a house-wife is fine. They think it’s unfair that women can wear more casual clothes in business environments (including dresses to stay cooler), but men cannot. Et cetera.

      It’s a shame their movement has been so co-opted.

  29. Meanwhile, in West Texas, a sign on the marquee’ out side the First United Methodist Church in Abilene.

    ” Too hot to keep changing sign. Sin bad..Jesus good..details inside. “

  30. Ok, ok…..I know…but you can’t pass these up…..

    Road sign in Oklahoma – Caution…water on road during rain.

    Road sign in Arizona – Road unsafe when under water.

    Sign outside bar in Philadelphia – NOTICE-PUBLIC BAR…our public bar is not opened because it is closed – manager.

    Sign on light standard in Chicago – Caution..cross only when cars stop.

    Sign in Denver – CAUTION..falling snow and rain.

    Sign in Orlando – Caution.. Please be aware that the balcony is not on ground level.

    Sign onmovie door in Atlanta – IF door does not open, Do not enter.

    No wonder the world is not worried about us any longer.

  31. gmanfortruth says:
  32. Personally, I think feminism died when the nuts took control and decided equality was no longer the goal. But obviously the insane ideas reign supreme.

  33. He’s sounds a lot worse than yesterday’s reporting. I hope he’ll be okay.

    • I think that he is going to be ok….the reason you are moved back to critical is internal bleeding….there was some of that but apparently has been stopped.

      • Most hip wounds that I have seen are not fun but most recover unless you have additional problems. The 7.62 round that he used actually tumbles slightly….causes a lot of damage. If he were shot at a distance of 100 meters or greater, he would probably be dead….but close range high power 7.62, chances of survival are greater.

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          but close range high power 7.62, chances of survival are greater.

          That’s why I only ever use exploding rounds.

          • Have you checked your armory lately? Rumor has it that Mathis snuck in there wearing paisley pink bermuda shorts, with knee high black socks with sandals, and a tye dyed shirt…and took all your exploding rounds and left little flowers in their place.

            • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

              The Hammer is laid up in dry dock making repairs after getting caught in JAC’s bear trap (seriously, who uses a bear trap to catch a ship?).

              As soon as I finish this margarita, I’ll head back and check. There’ll be hell to pay if he did.

        • If it shatters the bone and takes out the artery, that is a rough place to make a repair.

  34. I watched the news last night, left right and center and what most are missing is just what the plan WAS. Without those two cops, I assume in plain clothes, this guy would have decapitated the Republican Party. A plan worthy of Hitler or Stalin. So don’t compare him to some slug who drives cross country to shoot up a church or even go after one politician while wearing his tinfoil hat and haring “voices”. This guy was aiming for a major play and trying to kick off his “revolution”. I think it time to call in everyone he associated with for the past year for a serious come to Jesus moment. Frankly, I smell conspiracy, at least on the level of the Oklahoma City bombing where people knew, maybe helped yet stayed silent.

    • I don’t know….perhaps. What stands out to me, is that if he is a serious individual with the intent on wiping out a substantial amount of Republican leadership, he sure did not plan well or was not trained at all. I would really like to see the weaponry. I listened to the tapes last night and I did not hear anything close to 100 rounds.

      However, kudos to the security. They take this guy down at 100 ft with pistols. Anyone who is a shooter knows that from 50 to 100 feet…..needs a steady hand to return fire.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:


      I Agree!

      Well, with most of it, anyway.

      Without those two cops, I assume in plain clothes, this guy would have decapitated the Republican Party.

      Yup! Well, not Trump, so not quite decapitation, but it would have been very bad for the Red Team.

      A plan worthy of Hitler or Stalin.

      Yea, yea yea.. I think you’re seeing Nazis in your soup.

      So don’t compare him to some slug who drives cross country to shoot up a church or even go after one politician while wearing his tinfoil hat and haring “voices”.

      I’ll reserve judgments on his sanity until I know more. But just because he had big goals doesn’t mean he’s not in the same league as the aforementioned slug. I’d compare him to the guy who shot Gabby Giffords, just a bit more ambitious.

      This guy was aiming for a major play

      Yup. Go big or go home.

      and trying to kick off his “revolution”.

      Objection! Calls for facts not in evidence.

      We can’t conclude he was aiming at revolution. It seems plausible, but unless you have a manifesto I didn’t hear about, all we know is that he wanted to decimate the Republicans, not “kick off a revolution.”

      I think it time to call in everyone he associated with for the past year for a serious come to Jesus moment.

      Charlie not withstanding, I have seen nothing but rejection of his violence from the left. Sanders was out there on day one condemning it in no uncertain terms.

      99.99% of Bernie supporters are tree hugging hippies who wouldn’t know what to do with a gun if you drew them a diagram.

      I’m curious, though, when whats-his-name executed Dr. Tiller, did you call for all of his associates of the last year to “come to Jesus”?

      Frankly, I smell conspiracy, at least on the level of the Oklahoma City bombing where people knew, maybe helped yet stayed silent.

      I’m not sure what you’re smelling.

      I have seen no evidence of conspiracy. Not saying there wasn’t one, but I haven’t seen it.

      By the way, were I to plan a conspiracy decapitation of the Red Team, there’d have been simultaneous attacks elsewhere. I’d go after the big donors simultaneously, not just the congressmen. Take out the Koch brothers, Adelson, Thiel, etc. They’re far less guarded and it would be far more effective. I’d also have made sure that, whatever else happens, you got Paul Ryan. In fact, I’d probably have skipped the game entirely and just taken Ryan out at some random diner in Wisconsin.

      So, if there was a conspiracy, they suck at their job.

      If people “knew and stayed quiet,” they also suck and should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to attempted murder and insurrection.

      • It is not enough to decry violence after the fact when you have been espousing it for months prior. It is time for the Dems and Rhinos to put away their Trump derangement syndrome.

        • Mathius says:

          It is not enough to decry violence after the fact when you have been espousing it for months prior.

          For years before the execution style murder of Dr. George Tiller, Bill O’Reilly used his platform to demonize, doing everything short of explicitly callling for his murder.

          From 2005-2009, he spent no fewer than 29 episodes of his show on Tiller, referring to him as “Tiller the Baby Killer,” equating him to Nazis, al-Qaida, and said that he was “operating a death mill.” He compared tiller to Mao, Hitler, and Stalin.

          “And if I could get my hands on Tiller – well, you know.”

          Scott Roeder, a devoted viewer and frequent commenter on the O’Reilly blog, then traveled 170 miles to Tiller’s church and executed him in front of his friends, family, and priest.

          The left, of course, was apoplectic.

          Shortly after, another man, Robert Dear, murdered three and injured nine in an attack on Planned Parenthood.

          Again, the left went ballistic.

          But the right?


          I don’t “blame” O’Reilly for the actions of these men. Ultimately, the only person responsible for your actions is yourself. But if you’re going to whine about rhetoric, please at least do me the favor of not pretending history started only when Trump came to power.


          Please at least do me the favor of not pretending history started only when Trump came to power.


          It is not enough to decry violence after the fact when you have been espousing it for months prior.

          I’ve seen plenty of Red Shirts espousing violence for years. This is not something new or exclusive to the left. It’s not like conservatives are peaceful hippies while liberals are bloodthirsty savages.

          People don’t change that much. The left and the right both have their extremist elements. They both have people calling for violence while the vast overwhelming majorities call for peace. They both (by and large) only hear the worst of the other side through their respective echo chambers. They both tend to think of the other side as a two dimensional caricature with little diversity, logic, reason, or consistency. They both tend to think of themselves as diverse, logical, consistent, reasonable, and enlightened. They both tend to paint the whole other side with a single brush stroke determined by the worst actors of that side.

          Let’s stop throwing rocks at “the left,” shall we.

          Assholes on the left AND right have been calling for violence or, at least, stirring the pot aggressively since time immemorial. Maybe the rhetoric gets ratcheted up here and there but it’s not a left / right thing. It’s an “assholes” thing.

          I don’t know what this guy’s specific deal was, but he no doubt came to view the GOP as “the enemy” and believed that killing them would hurt the GOP and help the country. He believed this so fervently that he was willing to (and, in fact, did) give his life for it. I would equate this to the guy who shot Gabby Giffords. Or the guy who killed Dr. Tiller. Or the Bundy Militia. Or, or, or, or, or…

          No one should be espousing violence, but the people who make hay by doing so are not going to stop on either side. The 1st Amendment is pretty powerful and I’m not going to advocate for weakening it. Are you?

          It is not enough to decry violence after the fact when you have been espousing it for months prior.

          It is, absolutely, enough to decry violence.. if you are not the one advocating for violence in the past.

          This guy’s friends (probably) weren’t advocating for violence. His family (probably) weren’t advocating for violence. I sure as hell wasn’t. None of us have a damn thing to apologize for. And that included 99.99999% of “the left” just as it includes 99.99999% of the right when a right-wing lunatic behaves violently.

          The only ones who have to change their ways are those who behaved irresponsibly in the past and whose actions helped contribute to this guy’s actions.

          “The left” has nothing to apologize for. “The media” has nothing to apologize for. Some little niche corner or the internet or some insane circle of acquaintances or some extremist popcast he listened to (whatever the specific case may be).. they have to do more than just say “violence is bad, m’kay.”

          But just as it’s inappropriate to paint the whole right for the actions of your ever nut-job, so, too, is it inappropriate to paint the whole left.

          It is time for the Dems and Rhinos to put away their Trump derangement syndrome.

          No thanks.

          I don’t know where you seem to have gotten this idea that the left should just roll over for Trump. He has spent the past year+ attacking the left, and, to boot, his policies suck.
          Why should we bend over and sing kumbaya?

          • Because your side can’t simply disagree, they get violent.

            I don’t know where you’ve been reading. I’ve seen dozens of tweets calling for more violence. As I’m typing, Fox had a tweet up… 1 down 216 to go. (pretty sure it was 216), as in R congressmen.

            • Oh hell, I apologize sorta. I got a phone call while reading your reply , got off the phone and typed my comment. I never even read the bottom half. My comment seems very not in tune now 🙂 . Spare me the lecture.

          • It’s not like conservatives are peaceful hippies….THERE is a contradiction of terms.

            Let’s stop throwing rocks at “the left,” shall we….NAh….too much fun.

            “The media” has nothing to apologize for.”……Oh……………actually you have to be human to apologize, so I will agree with you.

            Why should we bend over and sing kumbaya? Because you should…..and I do not know why you think there is any violent people on the right. I am not violent and I will stick a 14 foot pike up your butt if you call me violent. Got it? ( How’s that ?)

            Now, Nancy Pelosi has stated….by repeating what a woman said about her son…I do not know where he got his violence from…I just know he watched too much Fox News. Is this not a reference to all the right? But, then again, it was Nancy Pelosi…….She ranks 1 notch above where I rank the media.

            • Mathius says:

              Nancy Pelosi

              … I think I found you a good use for that 14′ pike of yours…

              • Agreed…….sir………agreed……..and if I had more of them ( DPM likes them for spear fishing while drinkng margueritas ) I have a few more places to place them…..

      • Look Matt, if there can be a “Russia Hacked the election conspiracy” I can have mine. Mine makes more sense.

        Nazi’s? I don’t think so, just well thought out like “Night of the Long Knives” or one of Uncle Joe’s “Let’s round up the usual suspects” nights.

        This is why we have to talk to his associates. As (McVeigh had associates,(some guy named Terry something and his girl friend) so may this dipstick.

        • Nichols. Terry Nichols. Been by his house several times in the thumb of Michigan. Farm country big time. Ex’s family is neighbors to Nichols.

        • Mathius says:

          There is no doubt he has “associates.” These things almost never happen in a vacuum.

          It’s going to surface in the days ahead that he was a follower of some radical liberal blog (Charlie’s? 😉 ). It’s going to turn out that he participated in some idiotic ultra-left-wing group or another which has advocated for overthrowing the government and replacing it with a socialist utopia.

          We should find these guys, knock their heads together, and drag them into the light of day to be properly ridiculed. Then they should be added to watch-lists as appropriate.

          But, my point, generally, is that it’s not “the left” or “the media”.. it’s just a few nut jobs on our flank. Just as McVeigh was a nut job on your flank.

          Anyone who acted with him or had knowledge they didn’t share should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But we shouldn’t be making this about, as T-Ray suggests, the left “advocating violence for months.”

          For what it’s worth, hasn’t the “conservative” position always been “no one is responsible for anyone’s actions but themselves”? How, then, is the left / the media / rhetoric is responsible for this guy’s actions? No. This guy is responsible for this guy’s actions. And he’s dead (and I’m fine with that).

          • The problem is that we’re conflating this one guy going batcrap crazy and trying to kill people with the anti-fa and black lives matter types of group think crazies. And these types of groups and their use of violence is definitely being encouraged by the left. Not by every democrat obviously but certainly by the democrats political power structure.

          • Matt,

            I do fully agree that the only one legally responsible is the shooter. But the level of vitriol towards Trump and by association other conservatives has been way over the top for months and far exceeds anything that has come from the right over the previous 8 years. Your level of response is typical. Smother the opposition in meaningless words and BS and hope they shut up. The media, Hollywood, Dems and Rhinos have played a big part in creating this atmosphere. It is unnecessary and unhealthy for the republic.

            Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is not the same thing as reasoned political opposition to his agenda. It is the constant name calling, lying, innuendo, false fact diatribes by Shumer, Pelosi, Waters and a host of others. We hear calls for impeachment almost daily. When asked for proof of wrong doing, they have to admit there is none. When confronted with these facts, the lies continue. It is clear that nearly all the Dems speak with one voice from one set of talking points. The only one that I have seen that is independent is Manchin of WV. It is time for this nonsense to stop. The election is over and you and your team lost.

            Since inauguration, please give me examples of how Trump has been a misogynist, sexist, homophobe, racist and all the other vial names he has been called. His immigration policies are not racist or xenophobic, they are common sense applications of existing laws including the travel ban. Unlike Obama, he has not violated court orders when they have gone against him. If you do not like the laws, change them.

            • Mathius says:

              I wrote out a long reply and then closed the window by accident. So I’m not going to type it all out again, at least not right now. I’ll just offer up the lite-version.

              Please at least do me the favor of not pretending history started only when Trump came to power.


              Also, while you’re at it, please stop painting everyone you disagree with with the same brush.

              And stop acting like your “team” are saints. It’s annoying.

              Your level of response is typical. Smother the opposition in meaningless words and BS and hope they shut up.

              I work hard, and spend a considerable amount of time, trying to provide reasoned, fair, and thoughtful analysis. I find it offensive that you would call my words “meaningless” and “BS” without addressing them specifically in any way.

              “Smother”… well.. that’s probably fair. I do tend to get a little wordy.

              Since inauguration, please give me examples of how Trump has been a misogynist, sexist, homophobe, racist and all the other vial names he has been called.

              Please at least do me the favor of not pretending history started only when Trump came to power.


              But the level of vitriol towards Trump and by association other conservatives has been way over the top for months and far exceeds anything that has come from the right over the previous 8 years.


              I’ve seen Obama lynchings effigies. I’ve seen him called every name under the sun. I’ve seen him portrayed as a witch doctor. I’ve seen calls for his assassination, his trial for treason, his arrest, his impeachment, and everything else under the sun. Two years into his presidency, the Red Team declared their number one priority to be making sure Obama is a one-term President.

              I watched 8 years of efforts to brand him a Kenyan Manchurian Muslim usurper. He’s been accused of being gay, secretly married. That his wife is a man. That he was committed to confiscating everyone’s guns. That he was planning martial law. That he was planning internment camps. That he intended to bring in millions of Muslims to reshape American politics. That he invented ISIS. That he was leader of ISIS. That he deliberately sought to bring terrorists into the country. That he doesn’t believe in Democracy. That he hates America. That he hates Christianity. And… you know what. Screw it.

              Screw it all. You’re never going to admit your side did anything wrong. Only the left is capable of wrongdoing. The right are a bunch of fucking saints. Everything we do is wrong and is worse than anything the right ever does. We, alone, invented and bear sole and exclusive responsibility for all the ills of modern society. We should all simply roll over and play dead for Donald Fucking Trump and allow him to remake America in his image, completely unobstructed for the next 8 years..

              • My point– you’re talking about words- look at the actions! Riots in the streets- people being attacked in the streets-distruction of property, while the police just stand there and do nothing.
                LEAKS , not from some foreigner jerk but our own institutions. People

                being harassed to the point they lose their jobs or can’t speak publicly. No, no-one is saying repubs. Are innocent. Actually , I’m starting to see the beginning of republicans fighting in the streets.

                And most of the media, If they condemn the acts at all it’s just the requisite words followed by a high big BUT.

              • Couple things. An entire nation went bat-shit crazy 1933-1945. You have those who hold the leader(s) responsible and absolve the followers (most of them). I’m for tarring everybody. They bought it and paid for it. This looney tune listened to the crazy shit and bought in. So, there is guilt enough to go around.

                Somebody asked today why a Bernie supporter? Bernie is so soft, cuddly and lovable. Well, assuming I agree (which I could explain why I don’t but that’s another story) what you have to look for are, who else do they love? I will guarantee you and bet four to one odds that in their hierarchy of saints reside Che, Mao, Ho and Fidel. So, Bernie the lovable is the least of their heroes when it comes to mass executions but they still love the mass executions.

                Things stick in my memory that I think are indicative of mental illness. When Joan Baez asked Jane Fonda to condemn the Khmer Rouge and the North Vietnamese her answer was something like “you have to break eggs to make an omelette”. Would Jane Fonda pull the trigger? I doubt it but like Madame LeFarge, she would be perfectly happy to watch it from the sidelines.

              • It is said that one should not hate but to forgive…..I cannot believe the name Jane Fonda came up…….but…..I would rather go to a formal dinner with Bernie Sanders than anything having to do with Jane Fonda………I don’t hate…I just would not walk across the street to piss on her if she were on fire… that hate?

              • Nah, you are just exercising your first amendment rights.

              • The difference is that none of those things were said about Obama by anyone who was even close to mainstream, not people in the MSM and certainly not Republican politicians. Trump is getting attacked with crazy accusations from people who are supposed to be respectable journalists and politicians. I must have missed the major productions with large corporate sponsors portraying the assassination of president Obama like we are seeing about Trump. People saying wacko things about Obama were pretty fringe. The crazies seem a little less fringe on the left.

              • Mathius, I remember Pelosi calling Bush 43 Hitler. I remember Bush being hung in effigy right here in Sacramento. I remember Tea Party rallies that were peaceful and left the town square clean. I remember Tea Party people taking their grievances to the ballot boxes and thus winning in ’10 and ’14. I remember Occupy crowds that were not entirely peaceful and certainly not clean and had no real message other than gimme. I remember one rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask and being raked over the coals for it even though he had down the same for both Clinton and Bush.

                Yes the Joe Blow’s and John Doe’s of the world have traded many nasty words about Bush, Obama, and now Trump. But this discussion is not about Joe and John but about the MSM talking heads, Hollywood elitists and 535 prima donnas in DC. Personally I would like to vote them all out of office. Yes there was talk of impeaching Obama but the Repub leadership took that off the table and said definitely not. I do not remember the Congressional Repubs calling Obama all kinds of names from racist to all the other -ists and -phobes.

                As for the McConnell’s one term statement, is that not the goal of every political party to make the other guy serve only one term? Can you imagine Schumer saying, we want Trump elected again in 2020? Really is that the best you have?

                Lynch praised the Berkeley Milo riot as did others. You do not hear Dems speaking up for free speech on campus except if they are cornered in a interview and then it is just gratuitous.

                No, Mathius you are dead wrong on this. The congressional Dems need to tone down the rhetoric, the innuendo and get back to basic facts that are known and provable. Hillary lost the election, the Russians did not steal it. She was a poor candidate, a liar, traitor and crook. Frankly I am shocked she was able to fool half the country.

                Thank you Jennie and V.H. for speaking up.

  35. Mathius says:

    “Conservative politics is now less about ideas or accomplishments than it is about making the right enemies cry out in anguish.”

    – Charles Sykes, a longtime conservative radio talk show host, in a recent New York Times op-ed titled “If Liberals Hate Him, Then Trump Must Be Doing Something Right.”


    I like this guy’s writing style. And, no, Charles Sykes is not one of my alter egos.. or is it..?

  36. Anita……our margueritas are so potent that it was rumored some guy named Mathius, after having had a couple, was rolling around on the floor, to the tune of Kumbayah, and saying, “I love Trump”..I love Trump”…………………….that was reported in the reliable non biased newspapers of the New York Times and the Washington Post.

    I don’t know…you be the judge.

    • I also heard, from a reliable source, that the Dread Pirate was laughing so hard, he fell off the foredeck of the Hammer ( this is serious while in dry dock ) saying…..” NO ONE sets a giant bear trap on the Hammer and gets away with it.”

      Jus’ saying… know these rumor mills.

    • ROFL! He won’t admit that any more than he’d admit that Ds are more hateful than Rs.

  37. gmanfortruth says:


    Saw your above post about all the stuff about Obama that hit the internet during his tenure. It all happened, as you stated. The alternative media and conspiracy sites had a lot of the silly stuff. However, the MSM, didn’t have any of it and for the most part played softball with Obama for 8 years. This is the big difference. NOW, the MSM has accused Trump of treason, collusion etc with zero evidence or proof. The Alt-Left sites are doing the same, but nobody pays much attention to them other than Liberal’s, much like the Alt-Right sites, who were followed by Conservatives opposed to Liberal policies.

    It’s OK to be opposed to policies, it’s OK to joke and have fun (Obama’s voodoo doctor pic is intended as a joke), Jon Stewart and the like did it all the time. However, I don’t recall anyone promoting violence against Obama or the Left during his tenure. In the last 8 months plus, violence is as common as the sun rising, whether it’s some pundit, news person, comedienne, stage plays, comedian, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, etc, etc and on and on. Then when acts of violence occur, like at Berkeley, it is applauded by many on the Left, including Liberal politicians. It’s the Liberal Left who are openly telling the world they will not follow or cooperate with current law enforcement on subjects they are against.

    It will get worse. The political violence will get worse and the Liberal MSM will play a role…… they have been doing.

  38. gmanfortruth says:

    So don’t blame the Democrats for Hodgkinson’s assassination attempt. They fed intellectually deficient, emotionally unstable people a steady diet of misinformation and outright lies, but they didn’t do any of the shooting themselves. They didn’t start the fire, they just hosed the joint down in gasoline and left a box of matches next to the arsonist.

    • Ya know, to the best of our knowledge, Hitler, Goebbels, Borman, Hess, Goering never killed a single Jew. Ergo, they are off the hook?

      One of the reasons I believe the statutes still contain laws pertaining to “incitement of violence”. Though, I can imagine if you actually tried to indict someone the ACLU folks would be at your door posthaste with torches and pitchforks.

  39. I still do not understand why Obamacare is such a hot topic with the Republicans……why don’t they just leave it alone and let Obamacare impload. It is doing that. I know some of the Republican platform was reforming it….but leave it alone and focus on economics. What a 2018 platform to run on…..Here is what I would do.

    From Representative Colonel D13….” Yes, I know I ran on reforming Obamacare and I tried my best. I have been blocked everytime that I turn around by special interest groups, Democrats that will not give an inch, and establishment Republicans. So, now, I will focus on economic things that will work. I suggest we all sit back and let Obamacare impload….the deomcrats own it….it has no republican fingerprints. Let 2018 decide. And they will decide because by then very few states will have it because everyone is pulling out. It is an economic disaster. People will drop it because they cannot afford it. Let it die. Thank you for coming and now I will take questions on the economy because there is no need on Obamacare….”

    • Hey, Mathius….let us play a scenario…….you are a democrat up for re-election in a state that is about to lose its Obamacare participants, meaning that all of the Obamacare health entities have stated they are gone….not going to offer it. You need the votes and your Republican opponent is not going to mention Obamacare except according to my scenario set above. As your opponent, I am going to run on economic changes that have taken place since Trump became a President elect…..

      Wanna play?

    • The current narrative, courtesy of my left wing friends is that the “orange Blowhard” is sabotaging it! Would have gone on swimmingly if Trump wasn’t elected.

      I’m getting more into research. The other day, a “learned” piece on CNN which said if Obamacare went down the chute, 23,000,000 adults would be without coverage. Just for the hell of it I looked up population and % not having healthcare NOW. it’s 27,000,000! So, drop the program and voila! 4,000,000 MORE people have coverage. Their statistics, not mine.

      Lies! lies and more lies!

  40. Wow, I hadn’t thought about the timeline. Comey is claiming he leaked his notes so a special prosecutor would be assigned to look into Obstuction of Justice but he told Trump a month after their talk that he wasn’t under investigation.Obviously, he had no intention of making these charges until he was fired. He didn’t need a special prosecutor, he could have done it himself.

  41. OK time for a non-scientific poll.

    Back in the day, when I was a young shaver, it was explained to me that WW 1 US Soldiers were called “doughboys”.

    This came from the fact they ate doughnuts which were provided to them by the American Red Cross by volunteer ladies called “doughnut dollies”. It happened both in camps across the US as well as in France.

    With the 100th Anniversary of our entry into the “Great War” a new explanation that I HAVENEVEREVERHEARD has entered the mythology. Now I am being told that when President Wilson sent the Army into Mexico in 1916 on the wild goose chase after Pancho Villa, the soldiers returned covered with white dust (no, not cocaine) the locals then started calling them doughboys which stuck after they went to war in France. Get it, white powder, flour, dough = doughboys.

    I am personally inclined to believe the former. You?

    • I have always heard the term came from the expeditionary force sent into Mexico. They were frequently covered with adobe dust…..a fine, white chalky dust. The term adobe morphed into dobie then to doughboys.

      However, Donut Dollies have been around a long time. We referred to the Red Cross girls in Vietnam as “Donut Dollies” and the same in Kuwait in 1991/92. I have not heard the reference since as I understand that it has been discontinued because it was considred degrading.

      • Or maybe Michelle nixed donuts. Can’t have the troops eating sugar and fat.

      • Now I am wondering if it depends on what part of the country you come from. Did you hear that as a boy, when WW 1 vets were still plentiful?

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I’m inclined to buy into the “dobie” nickname from the Pancho Villa expeditions. god that dust was nasty and turns to cement in your throat and nasal passages.

          SK… about “Coffin Nails” nay cough-in nails in reference to cigarettes. Handed out quite liberally by the red cross. To be fair though smoking was encouraged by the AMA as a treatment of Tuberculosis well into the 50’s.

          • K rations……you got 4 cigarettes in K rations……Chesterfield, Camels, and Old Gold.

            And yes, in Vietnam, the Army got rid of WWII K rations……I got two fo them before going to C rations.

  42. gmanfortruth says:
  43. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Granted I have been busy with the restoration work…but also the internet at the house was messed up and didn’t get fixed until this afternoon. Not looking at the news or listening to it or seeing anything on line was a very peaceful week. The old saying “Ignorance is bliss” is so true.

    • Yes, ignorance is bliss… is the US Open weekend….no news…just golf. And since our temps are not in the 105 range like today……..A/C with the golf match on….tuna salad w/jalepenos. iced tea, followed by an iced cold Dr Pepper….have the golf channel…and a recliner….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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