Here Come The Commies

U.S.—According to sources at the DNC, Joe Biden, a man who has been part of government since before Jaws, Star Wars, the Walkman, the NES, and the publishing of The Silmarillion, is just the man for the difficult task of fixing the government.

“This man who has been part of the broken system since 1972 is our last hope to fix the broken system,” said a DNC spokesperson. “See, since he’s been part of the problem for so long, only he knows how bad the problem is. So only he can fix it. If you got some outsider with, like, morals and stuff, they would be too horrified to even go to Washington in the first place.”

“No, we need someone who’s been part of the swamp and has participated in much injustice, oppression, and bloodshed to fix the whole thing from the ground up.”

He also has a cop helping him out, sources confirmed at publishing time.


  1. The hate Trump convention is over.

  2. State Democrats succeeded in kicking the Green Party off the ballot in Montana this week, with the Montana Supreme Court ruling that they must be dropped.The decision could impact the tight U.S. Senate race between Republican Sen. Steve Daines and sitting Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock – one of several that could determine control of the U.S. Senate.The Democrats succeeded in getting some 500 petition signatories to recant their signatures after alleging the petition was backed by Republicans (the party reportedly helped finance the effort), although no law specifies a process for such removal. The withdrawals left the Green Party short of the signatures needed.

    All this time I thought that the Democratic Party was the party of inclusion…….perhaps I am mistaken?

  3. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The day the DIVISION the democrats bemoan started in this country was the day that the Cabal under Obama with or without his direction accused Donald J. Trump of being a paid agent of Russia. Since that time to this time, I have seen rabid democrats still cite that lie as a fact!

  4. Review of Alan Carlin’s book “Environmentalism Gone Mad”

    Dr. Carlin has a Ph.D. in economics from MIT and a BS in Physics from CalTech. He spent 39 years as an analyst in the EPA analyzing both the science and economics of many of their proposed regulations of toxic and hazardous materials. By his own definition he is a “classic” liberal on environmental policy and a strong proponent of scientific and economic justification of any regulations. Any reader will conclude that he is in strong disagreement with the current trust of the EPA, calling it radical overkill.

    The book was written published in 2015 so is missing the last five years of events.

    Personally, I found myself in agreement on many points. The book is mostly about AGW which he calls a conspiracy and fraud. He also strongly warns about the Climate Industrial Complex (CIC) similar to the military and scientific industrial complexes that Ike warned about in his farewell address. The book opens with a background of Dr. Carlin’s education, early work in preventing unnecessary dams on the Colorado, his work with the Sierra club in the late ‘60s early ‘70s, his background and education in economic analysis and his early work with the EPA in establishing many helpful air quality standards. It then launches into the topic of global warming which morphed into climate change and then add extreme weather events. I will try to sum up his findings and conclusions.

    1) The EPA looked at AGW during the Clinton and Bush years, wrote a proposal, and started the push for the endangerment finding but things went full radical under the Obama administration. While Obama gave lip service to following the scientific method, politics took over and most of the EPA brass took cover and did not object.
    2) The EPA accepted the IPCC findings and did not do their own study on AGW nor did they apply the scientific method to the IPCC findings.
    3) The EPA did not do an adequate economic analysis of the costs and lost economic opportunities of pursuing CO2 suppression.
    4) Dr. Carlin wrote a critical review both scientific and economic of the EPA technical assessment document which resulted in him being classified as a skeptic, non-team player and whistle blower. This eventually led to his departure from the EPA.
    5) The EPA, using the IPCC reports succeeded in getting the bogus endangerment ruling through the courts.
    6) The EPA totally ignored the scientific method of theory proposal followed by testing against actual data. They were in full knowledge that temperatures did rise from 1979 to 1998 but leveled off thereafter despite the continued rise in CO2 levels. This boke the correlation thus invalidated the theory. Furthermore, all of the major predictions of the theory, massive glacier melt, an ice free Arctic, accelerating sea level rise, etc. did not and have not occurred.
    7) The added claim of increasing extreme weather events is also not supported by real world data.
    8) The CO2 warming theory does not explain any of the recorded small changes in global temperature such as the little ice age, the Medieval or Roman warm periods, or any of the smaller variations in temperature.
    9) Dr. Carlin reviewed the work of many skeptics and found their theories much more plausible and actually fit the recorded temperature data. These include earth orbital mechanics, solar cycles, cosmic ray cloud formation, solar system orbital mechanics, Pacific Decadal Oscillations (El Nino and Il Nina), volcanic eruptions, and tropical thunderstorms that generate significant tropical cloud cover.
    10) From the latter theories, it is predicted that a little ice age should occur in 2030 which is far more dangerous than any mild warming.
    11) From the grand solar cycles, we are due for another major ice age sometime in the next 3000 years. So while CO2 has only a mild warming effect on the planet, it may actually be beneficial.
    12) Dr. Carlin is a strong proponent of fossil fuels since these are the only current technologies (except nuclear) that can bring a large part of the poor populations of the third world into non-primitive living conditions. Wealthy nations do more to clean the environment than do the struggling nations that still must heat and cook using wood and dung.
    13) We have wasted $39B on biased global warming research when we should have been equally funding both sides of the argument.
    14) We have also wasted over a trillion on subsidies for solar, wind and biomass (corn) solutions to this non-problem. Solar and wind cannot replace fossil and nuclear electric generation as they are too intermittent and too diffuse. (We see that now with the rolling blackouts in CA since we have reduced the number of fossil fuel plants that back up our green technologies. Solar and wind require hot rotating reserve generators to fill in the gaps. Thus we have a dual generation system that is inefficient and expensive.)
    15) Carlin goes over the economic costs and lost business of implementing green energy. He is particularly hard on corn to ethanol as this has raised the price of corn in third world countries, leading to starvation as well as added soil erosion and water pollution from excess fertilizer use, all with no virtual carbon offset.
    16) Dr. Carlin also discusses the environmental damage that results from building windmills and solar panels and the subsequent environmental damage at the end of their useful life.
    17) Dr. Carlin proposes many fixes to the EPA to make it less prone to political manipulations. I will not go into these here.

    Dr. Carlin also dismisses Mathius’ approach is that green technologies will do little harm and may actually do something positive. His conclusion is that green technologies will do significant economic harm and will have a negative impact on climate since cooling is the real concern.
    As an example of environmentalism gone mad, he uses the ozone regulations that were proposed by the EPA and subsequently enacted after the book was published. While he does not go into the details of this proposal, it is something that I looked into that the time. If I remember correctly, they were proposing a limit of 65 ppm O3. I looked up the records for Denali NP in Alaska and found that the park would have been out of compliance on many days during the year. Thus it would have been impossible for any US city to comply with the standard. Of course, this was not the point as the cities would need to implement many draconian fixes to attempt to meet the standard. Fortunately, the EPA softened the requirement by a few ppm, although the old standard was sufficient.

    • Great summation.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Looks like a great read – ty T-Ray

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      When I was managing the data for at&t global network services between 1995-2010 as time progressed the biggest problem with the networks out of CA was the inconsistency of their POWER

      I cant even imagine ten years on what its like

  5. Today has been a red day. I don’t mean red letter. The sky, sun, and everything has a red cast to it due to all the smoke in the air. The big fires are to our west and at least 60 miles from here, thus we are in no danger. The biggest fire covers from Travis AFB on I80 north to Sonoma. There is another big fire south of San Jose.

    So far the winds have been mild so no fire danger related blackouts. The heat wave seems to have broken for a few days so I do not expect rolling blackouts this weekend like last. We do have forecasts of more dry lightening for Sunday. Last Sunday’s storm was entertaining.

    The satellite views of the Iowa storm damage are incredible. It looks like a 50+ mi wide swath of destruction 200 mi long.

    • Second time in two days I’ve read about the red sky. Been watching someone in Colorado build a cabin saying the same thing, as fires are doing their thing there too. Can only imagine having to wear a mask during fire season. No thank you.

  6. I am curious…..since all of the major hurricanes that hit the US…they originate from Africa,,,curiosity asks……how does climate change originate in Africa?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Time to brush up on Climate 101.

      • Naw…..I don’t need to take Climate 101…..those are really kooky professors. Sorry, I still do not believe in it…..I will still have cow farts and drilling of oil and gas….and I will still drive my Lincoln Navigator and pickup trucks. So………………………………………..

  7. I am curious…..since all of the major hurricanes that hit the US…they originate from Africa,,,curiosity asks……how does climate change originate in Africa?

  8. I am curious…..since all of the major hurricanes that hit the US…they originate from Africa,,,curiosity asks……how does climate change originate in Africa?

  9. The first Dem I have seen that condemns the rioting.

  10. Ray Hawkins says:

    Trump again on the Sunday Twitter….”Please watch highly respected Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale on Hydroxychloroquine”…. we then cut (shockingly) to no other than Mark Levine (the Honorable?) who shockingly starts with a quote of “veteran Virologist” Steve Hatfill (google that guy and read about his quackery). While Hatfill cites some 53 studies that support his POV – it sure is awfully tough to fins those 53 studies. Oh – and minor detail – Hatfill is not a virologist – not sure how he’d find time between building his Beagle III Super-duper secret science hovercraft boat or running his Puerto Rican paramilitary compound. Think the shit doesn’t get deeper? So we run out the quotable Dr. Harvey Risch once more – you know – the guy every conservative knucklehead loves to cite when flapping their gums about hyrdoxy… know – the guy who is known pretty damn well for his work in cancer epidemiology but…..virology? Nope. Oddly, the rigor of his work in cancer research seems to evade him in approach to weirdly becoming a mouthpiece for hyrdoxy….

    “Yale Doc Backing HCQ Cites Questionable Data”

    America’s Frontline Doctors aren’t the only physicians pushing hydroxychloroquine (HCQ); another expert frequently toeing that line is Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, an epidemiologist at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

    Risch authored a Newsweek editorial on July 23 calling on doctors to immediately start treating patients with HCQ.

    Risch points readers to his review — he is the only author — published in late May in the American Journal of Epidemiology that cites five studies in support of HCQ, particularly when used early in the course of COVID-19.

    None are randomized controlled trials. One is the heavily publicized and now discredited French study by Didier Raoult, MD, and colleagues in March that sparked initial hopes for HCQ. Two have no corresponding data or publications.

    Risch asserts his own re-analysis of the French study suggests a stronger benefit for HCQ plus azithromycin when started earlier in the illness compared with standard of care. But researchers have called the original data involving only 42 patients “uninterpretable.”

    A second study from Raoult’s group published in May involved 973 patients all of whom got HCQ; there was no randomization or control.

    For his third study, Risch links to a two-page Google document by Vladimir Zelenko, MD, a doctor who cares for a large Orthodox Jewish population in Monsey, New York. Zelenko has made headlines for managing to catch the ear of FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, MD, to request help with access to HCQ for an outpatient trial.

    Risch cites data from Zelenko on 405 outpatients who were treated with HCQ, azithromycin, and zinc, of whom six were hospitalized and two died. There was no control group, and the Google document doesn’t provide more detail on the data.

    The fourth citation is a controlled, but not randomized, study from Brazil with a total of 636 patients; 412 were treated with HCQ and azithromycin, with 224 who declined treatment serving as controls. Fewer of those on the drugs had to be hospitalized, but with no randomization, the treatment’s role is uncertain.

    Finally, Risch cites a small ongoing study in a long-term care facility on Long Island in New York that gave HCQ plus doxycycline to about 200 high-risk COVID patients, again with no control group. Only nine died, suggesting a treatment benefit, but Risch gave no source for the data nor other details.

    Risch published a follow-up to that paper — again in the American Journal of Epidemiology, on July 20, and again as sole author — that outlined an additional seven studies that he said support HCQ early in disease. None appear to be large randomized controlled trials, though some have comparator groups. Some lack any citation at all. One study is additional data from Zelenko, on another 400 patients, but again unpublished and without full data.

    In the Newsweek editorial and in the later journal submission, both of which were published following three highly publicized randomized trials that reported no benefit from HCQ, Risch did not address or even acknowledge them.

    In a statement posted on Yale’s website, Sten Vermund, MD, PhD, dean of the Yale School of Public Health, distanced himself from Risch’s papers.

    “My role as Dean is not to suppress the work of the faculty, but rather, to support the academic freedom of our faculty, whether it is in the mainstream of thinking or is contrarian,” Vermund wrote.

    “Yale-affiliated physicians used HCQ early in the response to COVID-19, but it is only used rarely at present due to evidence that it is ineffective and potentially risky.”

    Just this week, about two dozen of Risch’s Yale colleagues published an open letter on Medium, acknowledging his renown in cancer epidemiology but criticizing his “ardent advocacy” for HCQ. The letter notes that Risch is “not an expert in infectious disease epidemiology and he has not been swayed by the body of scientific evidence from rigorously conducted clinical trials which refute the plausibility of his belief and arguments.”


    But don’t believe me – maybe listen to his own colleagues:

    View at

    • Perhaps they should listen to local doctors who have no stake in publishing reports for funding. Here, in Fort Worth, Locally, HCQ is widely distributed with results that contradict the findings that are posted. But….the other thing, according to my primary care doc at the VA….they are distributing HCQ and it seems to be effective.

      One other thing he, my doc, noticed….the VA, he said, is looking at Vietnam Veterans and trying to figure out why Vietnam Veterans have zero cases of Covid. The initial theory is that we were required to take HCQ on a daily basis for a preventative of malaria. I had to take it consistently. Why are Vietnam Veterans seemingly immune to Covid? Weird…..but…..perhaps the HCQ built one hell of an immune system? Because the other theory that Vietnam Veterans rarely catch the flu….I wonder. I have had diagnosed flu maybe three times in my lifetime…and not a heavy case. I wonder………

      Perhaps…………I guess all the scientists that are on grants and Federal Funding…are more correct than the doctors on the front lines…..and Pharma, I guess, is not interested.

  11. Ray Hawkins says:

    Love how things live forever on the Internet – another DJT Trump gem from today:

    “The deep state, or whoever, over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics. Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd. Must focus on speed, and saving lives!”

    Seriously? Here’s the thing – he can and should easily defeat Joe Biden – if he could merely stop cramming his entire foot in his mouth. Joe handed him the krypto this weekend with the “I’ll shut the Nation down again” message.

    • I saw Joe Biden’s interview where he said that if a committee of Scientists said to shut down the country,….her would do it. So…………………a POTUS that makes decisions on committee recommendations……………oh boy……………………

    • When I heard Hiden Biden say that, all I could do was laugh. With all the Crats calling Trump an authoritarian, he never shut the country down because he has no authority to do so. As usual, the Authoritarian wannabe’s show their true colors. NYC is a great example of watching one in action. DeBlasio has basically destroyed the city and may take decades for it to come back. Shootings are through the roof, business’s can’t open and people are leaving in droves. With no plans to reopen dining in restaurants, it’s over for them.

      On a lighter note, we finally got some rain yesterday. Not much, but a nice 45 minute rain. It’s been a good warm old fashioned summer.

      I wonder how many things going on now will suddenly disappear after the election?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Yesterday, within an hour of the President talking of Plasma, CBS radio trotted out a former Obama health official who said that despite the nearly perfect record of the treatment a 70,000 person sample was too small to make a decision on!

      Now I look at this and the Malaria drug a couple of ways. If it DOES NO HARM, then regardless of it’s effectiveness than the mere psychological value to some patients will save lives. If there is “hope” in one’s mind, one will fight, if not, one will die.

      I went through this with my Dad in ’84 who had stage 1 lung cancer. He was so predisposed to believe there was no hope, having watched both his mother and older brother die of cancer that he gave up. That was a result of a Doctor, older than him, at the time, 66, who I am certain had not cracked a medical book in 30 years, telling him flat out he was a dead man. The young (my age) oncologist at NYU could NOT disabuse him, of that notion. He basically took to his bed, a healthy man stopped eating and ultimately succumbed to pneumonia. To please my Mom, he consented to chemo which kept him alive far longer than the three months the Doc told him. Art his death, the pea size tumor had gotten to walnut size no where near a killer.

      Hope is what the medical commnity is in business for.

      Lastly, is it mere coincidence that equatorial countries who routinely use the Malaria drug have not had outbreaks of any significance?

  12. Manhatten……has record vacancies in real estate, down 45% so far. Now, King De Blasio is wanting to have a relocation tax? People moving out of Manhatten have to pay a tax for leaving? Really?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Why the hell not? You sure do not want them.

      • No, I do not…we are having a big enough problem with the transplanted Californians from LA and San Francisco…they bring the same ideas with them that they are trying to get away from. Boggles the mind.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          It’s the old Commie/socialist mantra. The reason it didn’t work is because we just didn’t kill enough people.

  13. Spock, can we time warp into 2021, I can’t take any more of this year?

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Surprised Ray didn’t find something offensive to say about the new garden as well. TDS……………….Alive and vibrant.

    • WASHINGTON, D.C.—Journalists, as well as some actual people, are outraged after First Lady Melania Trump unveiled her White House rose garden redesign over the weekend. The new design features roses, zig-zag hedgerows, and a modest 50-foot topiary carved into the shape of Donald Trump.

      The topiary was sculpted by renowned artist Fizzini Spiezzacuccini and depicts a standing Donald Trump looking out stoically over the White House Grounds.

      “This is a sad day for America and the world,” CNN correspondent Jim Acosta cried as he walked through the garden. “This place was a paradise, a true Garden of Eden, with an untouched beauty unlike anything the world has ever seen. And Trump ruined it! As if Trump desecrating this sacred ground with his mere presence wasn’t enough, First Lady Melania has desecrated it further with this giant Trump-shaped bush!”

      Protestors have already gathered at the White House fence to demand the bush’s removal. In his nightly address to airport terminal workers across the nation, Don Lemon declared the bush to be an “existential threat to democracy itself.” Nancy Pelosi has directed the House Ethics Committee to conduct a thorough investigation.

      Trump supporters, however, are thrilled with the decision and have already begun their pilgrimages to DC to witness the majestic sight as the autumn leaves on the Trump-shaped statue turn orange.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’ve heard that so many times by people lately I just tune them out. Especially by ones who’ll jump on a plane and travel. Then go all over the State they’re visiting, mask on mask off

  15. High School football is alive and well in Texas….Professional football appears ready to play with limited seating….unlike baseball and their card board cut outs and piped in crowd noise.

    Our bowling league is starting up in September and the National tournament is scheduled for next year in Vegas.

    The Big 12 is going to play football, tennis, swimming, golf, soccer, and basketball all with limited seating but they are going to play.

    Following the Big 12’s decision to proceed toward playing the 2020 college football season, the conference released its week-by-week schedule. The league previously announced it will play a 10-game season, including its normal nine-game round-robin schedule along with one additional non conference game.

    That conference schedule will begin on Sept. 26, the traditional Week 4 of the college football season, with all non conference games needing to be played prior to that week. Each Big 12 team will have two bye weeks along with another third open date on Sept. 19. Whether fans are allowed in stadiums will be determined team by team based on state guidelines.

    Each school has announced its non conference matchup with all games set to take place on Sept. 12. A game that was expected to be canceled by the pandemic is back on as SMU will play TCU for the Iron Skillet.

    The Big 12 Championship Game is set for Dec. 12 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, one week later than originally scheduled. The start of the season can be delayed up to two weeks (Oct. 10) with the title game able to be pushed back as far as Dec. 19.
    The annual rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas will still be played at the Cotton Bowl on Oct. 10

  16. If elected, Biden will hold office until Jan. 21, 2023 at which time he will resign and Kamala Harris will be sworn in. She will then be eligible to be elected to two more full terms for a total of 10 years. RBG will retire shortly after the election probably in early January if Biden wins or if the Dems carry the Senate. If Trump wins and the Senate does not flip, then she could retire immediately after the election.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe it is time to have serious ADULT conversations about the proper role of Federal vs. State Govt in the “modern era”, instead of constantly trying to push square pegs into round holes.

    Although in our current state if we limit the discussion to ADULTS about half the country will be excluded, including Congress.

    • Somehow the link is broken. Even went directly to RedState but could not see the article.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        It just worked for me. California thing maybe???? LOL.

        If you go to the Red State site you should see it among this morning’s list of stories.

    • The link worked for me as well. But as far as the article, the Crats think that they have the authority to control everything and everybody. The numerous examples prove this beyond a doubt (DeBlasio wanting to tax people who are leaving NYC is just one).

  18. Kim Guilfoyle’s speech….Whoa. I like her but it was too dramatic and overkill. Drowned out the good message. Did have fun reading some lefty comments and I have to say I agree with them and they made me laugh pretty hard.

    If caps lock was a person…

    Why is she using her skydiving voice?

    Probably sounded better in Portugese.

    I could continue. Pretty funny.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    This young lady’s race for Congress will be a bell weather. She is fighting an uphill battle with millions of funding against her. Take time to watch her ad that is linked in the story.

    • Her battle will be with the RNC as well. Same with John James for Senate. This is his second attempt for a seat. Last time it was against Debbie Stabenaw. That didn’t work. This time its against Gary Peters. Hopefully enough Michiganders are woke. I keep saying Trump is going to get a big portion of the black vote. Its the down ballots that have me worried though. THAT is where the RNC fails. I wish both parties would just shrivel up and die. THEY, the parties, are the cause of division. Bottom line. Its US vs THEM….as in the people vs the government. Its really no different than splitting the vote inside a party.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        While I agree it is to the “party’s” advantage to keep up divides of some kind, I am not blaming the parties for the current situation. That is being driven by ideology of the left, the hard left.

        If the parties did not exist, this divide would still exist and the aggrieved would still be rioting, burning, howling at the moon, etc. BUT………. having a political party to capture does raise the stakes of the game considerably. Then combine that with the desire of those in power to capture the fury in hopes of retaining power.

        So they are intertwined but the existence of “parties” is not the problem in and of itself. They could not exist without significant differences among us. The MEDIA on the other hand, has become an enemy of the people. 🙂

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh HYPOCRISY, thou knows no bounds…………

    Hillary Clinton Reveals the Democratic Plan and says Biden ‘Should Not Concede Under Any Circumstances’

  21. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    If you have EVER been stopped by a police officer and I have been by five that’s 5 plainclothes officers with guns drawn you STOP! You also do EXACTLY what they tell you to do! You do not open your car door and reach under your seat. Not unless you are either stoned out of your mind or have a death wish.

    • Some people can’t seem to behave like humans and act like damn animals. If blacks think that what is happening is going to decrease racism, they are fools. This will increase it and cause problems for years to come.

      Now for some observations. Locally, everyone is nice to everyone. Race don’t matter here. Every problem that we have seen comes from deep blue areas, not Red areas. This should tell everyone where the so called “systemic racism” lies. The very people screaming racism since Obama are the real racists.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Just thought I would point out that it appears MOST of those idiots destroying things are WHITE. Sure there are some of the SDS grandkids throwing fits, family traditions and all. But it is the White Kids who are destroying the cities and trying to burn down court houses and police stations.

        • Sorry, should have stated thing better. I’m not talking about the ongoing stuff out West, but the sudden dust ups, like the newest on in Wisconsin. Soon, the organized lefty’s will show up. They should all be shot.

          • De Tocqueville points out that people who own property generally do not support revolution. He distinguishes between moveable property and land. All are insecure since revolution brings uncertainty but the former are more insecure than the latter. It is interesting that this latest generation are ones who do not have a solid footing in either business or real estate hence have nothing to lose from revolution. They expect to gain by taking from others. This is why the American dream is so important. These youngsters need to a have a firm stake in owning property hence having something to lose should full revolution break out.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              I think they need a STAKE firmly planted over their graves. You can include a burned engraving of the hammer and cycle on it if you like.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If things keep going as they are in cuties like Pirtland the end result will be hard line segregation. Maybe even their own semi autonomous reservations.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    I might have to reconsider joining the Republican Party. Per Ms. Pelosi the Republicans are now “the enemy of the State”. Boy they must have really changed these past four years.

    Guessing the Dolt from San Fran didn’t realize she was admitting that the D’s ARE THE STATE.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Will this put the racist dogwhistles from the Democrats to bed? Ahhhhh never mind. No way they stop the garbage. So that leaves the question of “who is actually listening to them”?

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    You keep your hands in plain sight like in the top of the steering wheel.

    Which reminds me when I lived in Italy. When stopped by caribanieri, not verbally, but by one officer waving a red lollipop. If you didnt stop that most likely would be the last thing you ever did. The second officer was behind a hardened object, car, wall etc tracking you with his machine gun. I’ve actually upon turning a corner with no possibility to reverse, faced 6 fully armed officers aimed at the car, plus looking straight into the barrel of a tank parked in the road. It was open season on police officers. The Mafia was the least of their problems. Ranked in order of violence against the police 1) communists ie Brigada Rosso. 2) Muslim terrorists usually from Lubya. Resulting in an Alitalia airliner being shot down 3) separatists fighting Rome. 4) mafia. Who prefered payoffs and bribes before escalating to violence which escalated with usually 3-4 threats escalating in violence but not lethal. Until the last one

  25. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    It does seem odd that the pandemic shut down effects the middle class, especially small businessmen and their employees more than anyone else. It does seem odd that when the politicians/police allow a city to burn it seems that those effected most are the middle class small business owners and their employees. It does seem odd that when the democrats talk about changing suburban zoning and eliminating an entire category called “single family zoning” it does seem to effect only the middle class. Is there a pattern here?

    • I think you are in the middle of something.

    • Didn’t Bill Maher wish for a recession to get rid of Trump? It is truly amazing that they would willingly hurt so many people just to win an election.

      The destruction of the middle class in this country means the end of a stable democracy.

  26. The Iowa corn damage, 8M acres, is about 10% to 12% of the total US production. Soy beans were also impacted. There was also damage in IL and IN. Each acre produces 150 to 200 bu at $3.30/bu. So an acre produces $660 tops. The corn lost in IA alone is worth about $5.3B. The farmers also lost bins, barns, sheds and other equipment and buildings. It will take years to rebuild. Expect the price of corn to go up as well as any livestock that is fed corn: beef, chickens, hogs, etc.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The last time there was a major loss of Corn production the price of beef DROPPED.

      As feed corn prices increased the beef price had to be reduced to keep total cost within the PRICE customers are willing to pay. Beef prices right now are very high.

      So if history is our guide then short Beef futures for this fall and coming spring.

      By the way, I got caught in that last one. We had 75 head of yearlings and watched the price drop about $0.20 per pound over the late summer. This was around 1980.

    • Hi Rick….it is a booming business down here. Body guards and private security is a BIG BUSINESS…whenever we travel to Mexico to our ranch, we have an armed security detail to move around San Miguel Allende. Veterans, especially the older veterans, are sought after items to organize and supervise security now. Schools and business and gated neighborhoods…..

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just like 40 years ago in Sicily. I hired armed security to protect my home when I was not there. The protection extended to my car with a little skull and crossbones decal on my windscreen. On my gate was wired a placard with the same symbol. When the terrorist threat reached reached a certain point I could get an Italian Marine in full combat gear as an escort. Americans were not allowed off base in uniform. I lived iff base. A lot I’d my work was in remote areas of the island you alway drove your civilian car and dressed as a civilian and could wear you hair and beard according to the local fashions. Definitely NOT high and tight and clean shaven.

    • Hi Rick….it is a booming business down here. Body guards and private security is a BIG BUSINESS…whenever we travel to Mexico to our ranch, we have an armed security detail to move around San Miguel Allende. Veterans, especially the older veterans, are sought after items to organize and supervise security now. Schools and business and gated neighborhoods…..

    • A video out today from last nights shooting says it all. People are getting fed up with the Liberal BS. The guy shot in the arm was carrying a handgun. Nobody seems to be reporting that yet.

      • I am surprised it has taken this long for citizens to respond with force. About time for some police chiefs to arrest mayors for aiding and abetting rioting.

  27. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe throughout the United States,m the use of deadly force by a citizen is acceptable in three instances: to stop a murder, to stop a rape, to stop ARSON.

    • Actually, you are wrong… some states, that right does not exist. I suggest you look at California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York and read about their castle doctrines and duty to retreat. Look at what is happening to the Illinois couple protecting their property.

      The State government has the say……………….

      • Here in Pa, we can use deadly force to protect ourselves OR another person who is facing a deadly threat. Enter a home uninvited, you can be shot dead, no questions asked. We also have NO duty to retreat. Our laws are actually very good when it comes to the Castle Doctrine. It also includes vehicles.

        • Great…I am reading from a very old book on castle laws… is about 25 years old.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Not sure that castle law is appropriate. My understanding, certainly of New York Law applied in NYC goes back to my stint as an auxiliary police officer and my training in the early 1970’s. I was not shocked about murder and arson but quite surprise that you were allowed to plug a rapist! The issue on home invasion in NY would involved the “threat” of being murdered. The attached 2019 article from Syracuse NY does mention imminent arson but not rape. So, civilians in Portland or Seattle can probably fire away happily as long as the perp is holding that Molotov cocktail!


            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              Apparently in Wisconsin, if you reasonably believe that the perp by committing arson endangers someones life, you can blast away.

              The privilege of self-defense extends not only to the intentional infliction of harm upon a real or apparent wrongdoer, but also to the unintended infliction of harm upon a 3rd person, except that if the unintended infliction of harm amounts to the crime of first-degree or 2nd-degree reckless homicide, homicide by negligent handling of dangerous weapon, explosives or fire, first-degree or 2nd-degree reckless injury or injury by negligent handling of dangerous weapon, explosives or fire, the actor is liable for whichever one of those crimes is committed.

              And that, boys and girls, is about as convoluted a law as I have seen.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Here at least in our area in NC, it is a no no to shoot somebody in your yard. In your home is a different matter . Though a problem will arise if you shoot the intruder in the back while they’re obviously trying to get out. Obviously in the back while assaulting a person is an exception they are still committing a crime.

          In Amsterdam for example if you defend yourself and happen to injure the assailant….YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. Even if on CCTV it shows the assailant had a gun or weapon

          I asked a friend up in town what he thinks about what’s going on. The few protests that have occured were organized and no problems with adequate police. The city apparently came through before and advised people to remove any item from their front yards or porches that could be picked up and thrown. .they’ve been peaceful. Honestly though we have some poor areas they’re generally clean and well kept.. not to say there is trailer trash equally represented racially usually alcoholics or drug addicts, useless to society in any form. In the farm land many farmers are black. Hard working conservatives, polite well mannered and take no shit.

  28. The SUV Jacob Blake was getting into had 3 children in it. Seems to change the situation some.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      What’s come into play is the fact he was a felon, was previously involved in knife and firearm assaults and was being arrested on an outstanding Warrant where the police had his rap sheet in hand. Whether they knew, when he opened that car door, walked away from the police who had drawn guns that there were kids in the car is unknown.

  29. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    When all this shit started my eldest was talking about a class he took at Ft. Leavenworth, Command and Staff college on revolutions. he remarked that the prof had said only 3% of a population had to be involved and committed to pull off a revolution. Frankly, i was skeptical. Watching these riots, I suddenly realized that in a town of 100,000 that’s 3,000 people in the street at the same time. In a city of a million it is 30,000. That is damned well enough folk to actually PULL OFF a revolution when the power structure collapses in face of it.

    In Kenosha, on night one the power structure hid under its bed.

    Good article in this month’s “American Rifleman” on Castro and Che’s revolution.

    • he remarked that the prof had said only 3% of a population had to be involved and committed to pull off a revolution. This is correct. Most coups and revolutions do not involve large armies…very little personnel are needed…..H O W E V E R ……..they must be committed and that is the key.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My opinion we will see a fracturing of the States. Not a dissolution of the United States. Just more of them. Like LA, SF and Sacremento will be a State the rest of CA will be Nuevo California. ILL will be Chicago and then the rest will be a new entity. NC could be from I-40 east a new State. With a dimple encompassing Ft Bragg we have a massive military presence with Army Air Force and Marines. Virginia will fracture the DC area and then everything else. Just like in the Civil War. The western section seceded from the Slave owning part and became West Virginia. Obama tried like hell to crush the life our of it during his tenure in office. With the anti coal policies and clean water basically trying to seize all the land abutting rivers. The pollution in the Potomac fron WVA was minimal. It was the major metro areas in VA and MD and the massive farms in their flat lands dumping the phosphates.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        History repeated, again. The last time City States ruled the world was almost 2000 years ago.

    • Fact: My dad was a lifetime NRA member and he subscribed to American Rifleman. He died in ’94 but I still get that magazine coming to the house every single time. I have never paid a dime towards it. Is that bad? My gun loving friends have enjoyed them over the years.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        If they have not found out, what you could do is what I did. I joined for life around 1967 for about 100 bucks. About a dozen years back, I “upgraded” my membership and sent them another 200. Then last year I upgraded again and sent in another 300. I am still alive (I think) but ya gotta cover those expensive suits that Wayne la Pierre buys.

  30. Mathius, I know your busy right now and going through a lot. Just wanted to say Hi, love ya and send my hope and prayers for a quick recovery.

    • Thanks, VH! You’re very sweet.

      I’m ok… Mr. Lump The Second will have his biopsy in the next week or two and we’ll know more then.

      Meanwhile, the pooch also had a lump removal (she’s recovering nicely), but being a bit dramatic about taking her antibiotics – I think she’s milking it because she knows that if she doesn’t take them easily, I’ll wrap them in cheese.

      But, of course, she’s a shit-head and has figured out that, if she’s careful, she can spit the pill out from the cheese and still get the cheese. And then I’ll have to give her another treat.

      So, the current strategy is: (A) wrap the pill in cheese (B) get her riled up about cheese so she’s too desperate for cheese to think straight (C) give her her pill in cheese (D) before she can spit out the pill give her a second piece of cheese so she swallows the first.

      • Open her mouth and shove the pill as far back in as you can. Then close and hold her mouth shut until she swallows.

        • She had surgery and has a lot of stitches on her sid and tail… this would ordinarily be my method of choice.. but I’ve been trying to avoid anything that might result in a ripped stitch and a multi-hundred dollar vet bill. That includes wresting the furry idiot.

      • Next week or two, it’s already been a few weeks. What the h*ll are they waiting for?

        I always used cheese or a piece of turkey lunch meat for my 🐕, but a bite of hot dog with the pill pushed into it, always worked. Just had to make sure he did t bite my finger in his enthusiasm.

  31. Meanwhile…Blake wasn’t breaking up a fight. He was in the girls house…wasn’t supposed to be….took her keys….she called the cops….here’s dispatch audio…

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh my, the media has a new phrase to toss around for Covid. “Super spreading Event”.

    If that doesn’t scare the hooey out of ya I don’t know what wil.


    “In one memorandum filed May 26 after a virtual meeting with Baker, the [Hennepin County] Attorney’s Office said [Chief Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew] Baker concluded, ‘The autopsy revealed no physical evidence suggesting that Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation,’” the outlet added.

    Toxicology findings revealed “a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances,” the filing read, citing Baker.

    “[Baker] said that if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death,” the June 1 memo added.

    If the cops are not found guilty, which is looking likely now, how many more towns will burn up?

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    Free Trade? Sorry but they don’t want true Free Trad either.
    Nobody but the anarcho Capitalists want true free trade. Although I do think that Mr. Trump believes that with equal restrictions (applied the same) the USA can win. I am not so sure about that. Although I think over the long haul things would balance out.

  35. KENOSHA, WI—The aftermath of the riots are grim: dozens of fires were started, hundreds of buildings were burned down, and thousands of Trump voters were created over the past several days alone.

    From out-of-control riots in Seattle and Wisconson to violence on the streets in Portland (or, as they call it, Wednesday), tons of property is being damaged, many are being harmed or killed, and, worst of all, new Trump voters are being created every minute.

    “This isn’t looking good,” said one CNN analyst. “I mean, the buildings burning down and all the fires and property damage and violence are happening, and that’s fine, but all the Trump voters this is creating — that’s a real tragedy. We must do something to counteract the devastation this will cause in November.”

    A study found that every burned-down building causes millions of dollars in property damage and creates up to 50 new Trump voters. A burned-out cop car can create up to 12 Trump supporters, while screaming at people in front of restaurants for not doing your salute can create over 100 Trump voters.

    “May God have mercy on us all,” whispered the analyst.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      How many Trump voters do we get for the 550 smashed out NYC subway windows in teh past month. Cameras everywhere but no arrests.,

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Cute and kind of funny.

    And even as a Westerner, I have to agree that Walker was one if not the best college running backs ever. Bo Jackson was of course similar..

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Very long story but worth the read. Why? Great insight into the egos that populate Govt. and how they interact to cause friction instead of greasing the wheels. Note all the “officials” quoted but never named. These are your upper to mid level managers who almost always WHINE about something. They are always working to position themselves to take their boss’s job.

    The article is obviously intended to be a hit piece but does include some atta boys for Pence. It is not consistent however, like starting with the panic over cruise ships and infections everywhere then later admitting that there were only a few thousand cases by March 12th.

    Having some experience with smaller emergency responses I consider the Govt.s efforts on Covid to be pretty darn good. Especially given all the moving targets. One other thing. Note how many “officials” complain about taking to long and “inviting” to many people to the table. These are the “health experts”. They have a singular mission, thus they see no need to include others. They think because it is a health emergency they should get to make all the decisions. My experience with experts in high positions is they are SINGULARLY focused. It is easy as they don’t have to balance any competing interests or issues.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Sure took long enough. Now to watch the media darlings start flip flopping with their narratives. Before the end of Sept the Dems will be the law and order party and all these riots will be Trump’s fault.

    “Burning down communities is not protest, it’s needless violence,” Biden said. “Violence that endangers lives. Violence that guts businesses and shutters businesses that serve the community. That’s wrong.”

  39. I am not a big Tucker Carlson fan but this….. “As if we needed more evidence that this is actually a class war masquerading as a race conflict,” he said. “That’s exactly what it is designed to [do]: crush America’s middle class. And it’s working.” is a true statement.

  40. Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances,” Clinton said in an interview on Showtime’s “The Circus,” which was partly released Tuesday. “Because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually, I do believe he will win, if we don’t give an inch

    Translation: We have last minute mail in ballots all ready to go. Don’t give up, they will be “found” and counted.

    • Looks like self defense to me.

      • If this is the video of the kid on the ground, yes, he was under attack. The shots were defensive in nature. Now the kid arrested drove from IL to Kenosha. That shows some intent which was not a wise move. Kenosha is not a large city and probably has more of a rural mind set. Thus they are going to aggressively defend their property. The local authorities need to get the situation under control. They need to arrest all that on the street after the curfew including the “journalists”. Much of this is done for the cameras. Hold everyone for the longest possible time before granting them bail. Any second offense before trial and they are no longer eligible for bail. Anyone carrying bricks, frozen water bottles, Molotov cocktail materials should be charged with having a dangerous weapon as well as being charged with rioting. If there are “peaceful protestors” caught in the dragnet, they violated the curfew and are abetting the rioting and should be so charged. Wearing gas masks, helmets and carrying a shield is also evidence of being a rioter.

    • They took this one down….It says…video removed.

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Their closing remark:

      Editor’s note: After publishing this piece, we came across a study published by the prestigious National Bureau of Economic Research, which finds that masks and lockdowns have had no meaningful impact on the spread of the disease or the number of deaths. These interventions “have varied in their timing and implementation across countries and states, but the trends in outcomes do not,” the study finds. This is the sort of science that Democrats and the press repeatedly claim to revere, yet they have studiously ignored this and other similar findings in their zeal to politicize the pandemic.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Dale, T-Ray

      More on Covid data reported that is “bad data”.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        JAC…I sent this to an old sailing friend from Maine. I asked her about the servers wearing those dog collars by EO of their governor.. they’re pissed off enough as it is. She thought it was a Babylon bee joke. She is very conservative from Norway.

        I checked and it is very true. Servers will have to wear these collars in phase three to reopen.

        Elizabeth said she made a mask out of a sheer see through fabric. Obviously doesn’t do crap. But passes muster when she goes out.

        What a farce being prostrated on the people

  42. U.S.—Journalists across the country admitted Wednesday that they’re endorsing Biden just so they can take another 4-8-year-long vacation.

    Weary of criticizing the president every second for the past four years, journalists say they just want to return to the Obama era when they didn’t have to do any actual journalism.

    “Honestly, we’re tired from doing so much reporting. Remember the Obama days?” said one Washington Post reporter. “We didn’t have to do anything aside from the occasional fluff piece or cover-up of a scandal. But for the most part, things were quiet. We had to work a lot less. It was quite pleasant.”

    “Imagine another 4 years of Trump — we’d have to scream at the sky and keep making up scandals each and every day. It just sounds so exhausting.”

  43. An 18-year-old man accused of setting a fire outside a Portland Police Bureau precinct during a chaotic protest was sentenced Wednesday to three years probation and community service.

    So, burn down your city and get,,,,,,a…….slap on the wrist and a “bad boy” scolding….

    Herein lies the problem.

  44. I see the party of science is now starting to blame Covid on climate change.

  45. Just imagine how much of a threat Antifa and BLM would be if they had a young charismatic firebrand leader who could organize and coordinate their efforts.

  46. Just A Citizen says:

    Wasn’t the only one to notice the sudden change in Dem and Media comments.

    What a powerful message. Stop rioting or Trump will win.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    If this doesn’t reflect the state of “fear” about being “cancelled” in our culture today I don’t know what does. This was from “Nature” magazine.

    26 August — Sex differences in the COVID-19 immune response might drive men’s high risk

    Variations in the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 could explain why men are more likely to be hospitalized and die of COVID-19 than are women.

    Akiko Iwasaki at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, and colleagues studied the immune responses of 98 men and women infected with SARS-CoV-2. All had mild to moderate symptoms (T. Takahashi et al. Nature; 2020). The researchers noticed that male participants’ typical immune response to infection differed from that of female participants, which could explain the more severe disease often observed in men. (Nature recognizes that sex and gender are neither binary nor fixed.)

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    Just read in our local paper how even now Mayor Wheeler (Portland) is claiming the “demonstrations” have “gone far enough”. The threats to people now instead of just property is apparently what has pushed him past his limit. His words.

    Will this obvious effort to safe Biden with an about face on the “demonstrations” and “peaceful protests” actually work???

  49. Just A Citizen says:
  50. CNN has been there from the beginning, always running toward the important stories and absolutely never covering them up. We went through CNN’s archives and dug up these 14 headlines they published while covering some of the most significant events of human history. They are truly a bastion of truth and honesty in journalism.

    2348 BC: Watery But Mostly Peaceful Flood Destroys Earth

    1025 BC: David Circumcises 200 Philistines In Mostly Painless Medical Procedure

    33 AD: Mostly Peaceful Crowd Demands Jesus Be Crucified

    79 AD: Fiery But Mostly Dormant Mount Vesuvius Erupts

    1235 AD: Genghis Khan Attacks China In Mostly Pacifist Invasion

    1347 AD: Black Death Peacefully Kills Millions, Trump To Blame

    1453 AD: Constantinople Liberated By Religion Of Mostly Peace

    1937 AD: Hindenburg Has Mostly Pleasant Flight

    1945 AD: America Drops Two Mostly Peaceful Nuclear Bombs On Japan

    1959 AD: Chinese Citizens Mostly Don’t Starve To Death In Great Famine

    1986 AD: USSR Reactor At Chernobyl Mostly Not Exploded

    1997 AD: McDonald’s Unveils Mostly Functional McFlurry Machine

    2008 AD: Obama Runs Mostly Scandal-Free Administration

    2017 AD: The Last Jedi Mostly Not A Terrible Movie

    Great job, CNN!

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I always was wondering what ever happened to the people who criminally hid taxable income un the Swiss Banks. Mostly UBS and Credit Suise.

    All the promises to release the names of the citizen participating. The US government initially got $780 million from UBS. The banks paid out almost €3 Billion to European governments and the US. They have put aside another €3 Billion contingency. Credit Suisse is still getting investigated and taken to court. .

    The only “People” I saw convicted were the actual bankers creating the tax dodging schemes. Including the whistleblower. He served 40 months in a federal prison and paid a $30000 fine. But upon his release filed a claim to receive a virtuein of the $780M the IRS got. He received $104 Million.

    But I still couldn’t find any word of any prosecutions or convictions of criminal tax evasion.. the citizens involved were high rollers, not middle class joe blows. I’ve looked for years..
    Not one prosecution here or in Eurooe.. the lists allegedly published all came back with an error message and could not be accessed. However, the other day I came across a Forbes article giving a time line of the scandal including fines and ongoing criminal cases against the banks. But then a brief sentence….the people who were named by the banks were quietly notified by the IRS. And the voluntarily came in and made restitution for back taxes and penalties. NOT one prosecution. Who ever said there’ isn’t a two tier justice system in the US.

    FYI before she became head of the ECB Christine Legarde was involved with the scandal and just admonished for being careless.

  52. 2020 has been a bitch. Ponder this, on Halloween their is a full moon. Not only is it full but it is blue. Have a good day.


    The Libtards are not suffering from TDS, they’re just plain freaking nuts.

  54. Well, since I’m here… I might as well make y’all’s heads explode with a sign I found in my neighborhood….

    • Naw…you will have to try harder than that…..does not bother me. So, you see, I can read that to mean that there should be no riots and burning of cities in our country. I am ashamed of that myself.

      On other things…..I hope you are doing well, my friend….and your furry companion.

      • Colonel:

        All’s well here. The dog is recovering well. She absolutely loses her mind when she has to wear the Cone of Shame, so we put her in a tank top that my daughter grew out of. It covers the stitches on her side so she can’t lick or easily chew them.

        The problem is that my kids think it’s so cute and funny that my dog is wearing clothes that they are lobbying against the dog ever having to be “naked” again. They want a wardrobe set aside with dog-sized tank tops they can choose from and matching collars so that they can pick out her outfit each morning.

        Ahhh.. the life of a father of girls…


        The feeling is mutual, I assure you.


        And a good morning to you, as well (though it’s afternoon here). All is well. How goes on your side of the country? Saw this and thought of you…

        • Just A Citizen says:

          LOL, I just knew what you posted before clicking on it. I saw it the other day and like the person who posted it, I cannot get it out of my head. Still laughing.

          Nice sunny days here with temps in the 80’s. Cool nights already. Smoke has not been bad so far.

          I must have missed something. What happened to the Dog? Did that mean hen of yours slice her open?

          • Dog has a history of cysts and fatty lumps… nothing major.. usually just a bit annoying. Just some minor skin issues… but one of them got to be the size of a golf ball and the vet was concerned it was going to burst. Aside from the grossness of having a golfball’s worth of gore exploding in my house like an eldrich Jackson Polluck, there was the potential for subsequent infection.

            We also needed to get her teeth cleaned, so we decided to do it all at once.

            If you liked that link, may I interest you in more state geography related humor?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Now that was creative.

              Reminds me of a game I played with all my kids. They loved it. Take pencil and scribble all over a piece of paper. Round and round, back and forth, lots of loops crisscrossing the paper.

              Then take a pen, or crayon, something of different color and start following the lines to make as many figures of things or people you can see. I was surprised at how they loved this game. I think at first it was like magic how Dad discovered these things. Then as their little minds grew they started finding more and more complex images. I will never know how much that helped with their thinking skills but I don’t think I damaged them to badly.

    • No exploding head here. I feel the same way because of the Left. Damn embarrassments.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Sir Mathius

      Good morning and I hope all is well with you and yours.

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    “Journalists have realized sooner, though, that these violent demonstrations are bad, and they are backtracking. But, it’s painfully obvious as to why. It’s not that they think it’s truly the wrong thing for these anarchists to be doing, it’s that it could help Donald Trump win. Much like their scramble to support the protests to make themselves feel better, a lot of the reaction now is for all the wrong reasons. Now, it’s about the political outcome, not the social outcome.”

    Some other good thoughts included as well.

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    SK may be interested in this one. Talking with Sister-in-law yesterday about the state of the union or disunion. How did we get here, etc., etc.. She made a couple of points I found interesting. She is just a year younger than I and so has similar memories of the 60’s and 70’s.

    First, after asking how the hell the Communists and Socialists got so much control and especially the Universities she stopped and said, “come to think of it I was pretty much a Marxist in college back then”. She went on to explain how the Professors filled her with all the stories of bad and how the new revolution was needed to start over. I told her that I saw it as well but escaped the indoctrination because my college was located at the edge of the University and was filled with young farm, ranch and rural kids (College of Agriculture if you wondered). She was a liberal arts major, and later went on to finish law school.

    Second, and this is a bit ironic given the first. Over the years she became sick of all she saw in the world an turned back to her Church, as in the Catholic Church. And she did so with a strong conviction, concluding that the Church’s teachings were sound and thus she became a bit of a “fundamentalist” if you will. I say a bit because the change was strong and definitive, but not completely out their like so many.

    Well while discussing how we lost our way with respect for rules, order and norms, we of course wound up looking to the 60’s and the “cultural revolution”. She made the point that this was the time when the Church, which should have stood fast on those norms established over thousands of years, succumb to the revolution and started undermining all the old rules. They were replaced with the more modern versions which caused people to wonder what the heck was right or wrong anymore. She believes that this “event” was a significant contributor to our problems that followed.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Bless her my friend. She nailed it!

      My college, Manhattan, a private Catholic School in the Bronx was loaded with sons of the working class. Our professors were in most cases WW 2 vets who taught without indoctrinating. There were a few younger ones, one who actually is still on my very short (4 people) HATETHESONOFABITCHTILLTHEDAYIDIE list. That bastard was my first and only experience in being downgraded because i was totally insensitive to the necessity of recognizing the need for Marxist roots in 20th century literature.

      The church, my church followed mainline Protestantism into oblivion beginning back then. I still remember one prof, a drop out priest, telling us before a Mass that we should be using rye bread for the Host because it was much more in the Jewish tradition. Get it? Christ was a Jew. Doubt that he ever tasted Levi’s real deli Jewish rye with caraway seeds though.

  57. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, while it may be true Biden was reading or checking out talking points or something, I think there are two bigger take aways.

    1. The media, and especially CNN, are complicit in lying about Trump by covering for the Dems when they lie. If LYING is the ultimate sin then you must call out all lying. Not just one side.

    2. Red State is displaying the tendency to “over play” an issue. Get out over the skis so to speak. I still think that making yourself feel good about Trump’s chances due to Biden’s failing mental state will back fire BIG TIME. When the debates come Biden will not be pressured as one is in an interview. And note how Mr. Cooper slows down the interview from normal practice with R’s and others. Note how Mr. Biden is able to respond in a coherent way. He has 47 years of experience doing this. The stage has been set for under achievement. Expectations are low. If the R side thinks he will just fall on his face and hand them the election they are fools.

  58. Just A Citizen says:

    I have read several editorial on MSM internet making the claim that Mr. Trump is POTUS during a time of “great racial unrest”. Their comments are in reference to the rioting and huge demonstrations, which seem to often devolve into violence.

    Racial unrest, I thought. They seem to ignore the fact that most of the people who are displaying the violent unrest are WHITE. They are the same as the agitators of the 60’s. The upper middle and middle class kids who seem to have been dunked in the pit of despair and self loathing created by their “mentors”.

    Could it be that what we see today is what happens when good people ignore the signs around them in order to focus on daily living? We beat back this disease a few times in my lifetime, only to see it rise again, and again and again. Perhaps we should wake up to the fact that it is deeply rooted in our “body” politic and begin the hard work of removing it and then casting it into the fire once and for all.

    And once again, as I stated when I first came here………… it is all about philosophy. It is the philosophy that we are fighting for, not just peace or law and order. Those follow the philosophy. The entire gambit of socialism is founded on rotten principles and faulty thinking. It is a corrupt set of philosophical ideas.

    Of course the problem with fighting a war over philosophy is that those who teach it are on the other side.

  59. Random thoughts today:

    A big march is happening in DC today. It would be nice if it stays peaceful, but I have my doubts. A pleasant surprise would be nice today 🙂

    Getting some much needed rain today and likely tomorrow.

    Something that Biden needs to hear. Trump’s America is peaceful. This mess going on now started during Obama’s time. It is happening in Heavy blue areas. The problem isn’t Trump, it’s you and your ilk.

    Attacking a person that has a gun isn’t very smart. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Get well soon Fluffy (Mathius’s dog) 😀

    What police reforms should occur? I have some ideas for my area.

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    If this is an attempt at identifying hypocrisy it FAILS miserably. Because opinions can change over time. Especially when reporting on the actions of others, which can also change.

    I am not commenting on whether this lady’s opinions are valid. Only that the cartoonist failed and American Thinker failed for “thinking” is means something.

  61. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Leftists announced a bold new tactic to eradicate fascism from the land today: marching in lockstep through the streets and accosting anyone who doesn’t chant their slogans and perform their special salute.

    “We did it! We defeated fascism!” cried one elated protester after the mob accosted a woman in the street and screamed in her face for not performing their salute, in which their arms were raised at a 45-degree angle. “Great job, everyone! Free milkshakes for everyone!” They then threw milkshakes at random passersby.

    As for citizens who don’t perform the special salute, mobs are organizing camps for them to be reeducated in. Should people not own a car to drive to the camps, they will be sent via public transportation, possibly a train.

    At publishing time, mob leaders had purchased some matching brown uniforms for everyone so you can easily recognize who the good guys are.

    • I read that the woman who refused to raise her hand ,said basically, that she agreed with the “protesters” and had been marching with them. But somehow, it just didn’t feel right to raise her hand just because they demanded it. It just didn’t feel right. So America isn’t dead yet, some just need to learn from personal experience, where this deal is taking us. Hopefully this young woman is starting to really wake up.

    • Now…I have a question for anyone…..using this picture,,,,,,would any of you consider this an assault and would any of you consider a deadly response to be adequate?

      • I would absolutely feel my life was in danger.

      • I haven’t watched the video yet to hear what was being said. But, by the looks of things, I would certainly feel threatened and it would be even more threatening if I had others with me.

        Does that mean having to shoot? Maybe, maybe not. But they deserved whatever came their way, bullets or fists.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Time to find some old grenades. Time to legalize them as part of the “arms” cache.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Assault? NO! Right up until one of them touched me. Then “assault” happens and response to life threatening action begins.

        Intimidation? Yes.

        Fearful for my life? Not based on just the photo, although one young lady is pushing the limit quite hard.

        I am POSITIVE that my adrenaline levels would spike and given my reaction to that it would be hard to hit a target without having a shotgun. But the minute I respond with the fist to the nose of the girl reaching to touch me the mob will attack. That is the real fear.

        Otherwise they are children towering over and trying to intimidate someone. Take pictures and post on the web, asking their parents if they know where their children are and what they are up to.

        Ah hell, never mind. Grenades………. that is the correct answer.

        • You and I view assault differently. These people do not have a right to mob “attack” me and I am not going to wait until touched.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I was using the LEGAL definition. Which creates a REAL PROBLEM for those trying to defend themselves against this when it can go so terribly wrong very quickly.

            Just imagine what happens if she stands up and says “Back the hell up”.

            Maybe our laws should include the “Personal Space defined as x ft”?

            I say no closer than 6. Oh wait. Given the COVID guidance I change my mind. This IS ASSAULT since they are willfully violating the 6 ft spacing requirement.

            GRENADES AWAY.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Isnt what these activists are doing is bullying. Something the Democrats are against.

  62. Just A Citizen says:

    For the last few decades those on the cultural right have felt overwhelmed by the “liberalization” of society. As one norm fell after another. As homosexuality went from taboo to open and accepted. There are many examples.

    And just when those on the right had thrown up their arms and accepted defeat the left went ballistic. Rioting, burning, looting all in the name of a form of Justice which they claim has not happened. Apparently all those changes, the liberalization of American Culture to an entirely new level was just a facade. Fake news, unknown to the rest of us.

    Little did we know that the real America was faking it. We were even more oppressive and obnoxious than we were before the changes started to happen. You would think we were all living in, and enforcing, a Jim Crow world.

    For the past ten years or so I think a lot of us have felt confused over all this. We took people at their word when they cried out about injustice A or B and then C. Little did we realize that the real issue was the American value system, the existence of America itself as a Nation built on the premise of INDIVIDUAL freedom and liberty. They did not see this as a dream unfulfilled but a dream that is obnoxious to their view of humanity.

    This view was clearly expressed by Mr. Obama when he first ran for the POTUS job. I warned ya’ll about it at the time. His statement that the “PROBLEM” with the Constitution was its focus on negative rights instead of positive rights. In summary, negative rights keep govt off your back, positive rights demand govt. enslave you to assure someone’s demands are met. As long as enough people in power claim that demand to be a “right”. Simply put, one is about opportunity and the other is about outcome.

    Well I saw the other day where Mr. Obama, in ramping up his voice in the current affairs, once again raised this negative vs. positive rights issue. This is a TELL by the others at the table. They do not want A, B or C fixed. They want a new deck, an entirely new game.

    So we are at a point where those who wish to claim “leadership” status need to realize there are only two choices left in this game. Surrender to the mob mentality or FIGHT for the way of life promised by our founding documents and fought for by those who came before us.


    We have all seen the videos. Now for the big question: What should the cops have done? There is much more to this answer than many think about.

    • Seems like a billy club to the head would have solved the problem. But that requires getting close, within range of the knife.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I have said this before. We need some new Technology that allows the take down of someone who is refusing. Without having to get within arm’s reach.

      Nets, Bolos, a darn Riata for crying out loud.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Bola. I remember a movie about Argentinian cowboys.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Wasnt there a product like “Silly String” used a while ago. But it really wrapped you up like with rubber bands?

        Wheres Spiderman when we need him?🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I found the answer. Now to just find out where they hid the stuff and if Santa holds a patent.

  64. Just A Citizen says:

    Quick thought for Mathius.

    Remembering your view that the USA should be primarily a Federal Govt, with States being little more than administrative subdivisions.

    Imagine if you will how that would have worked out for all the rioting in the cities these past few months or even before. Imagine someone like Mr. Trump or even worse, controlling the law enforcement response for the Nation with States and Cities nothing more than subordinates to his authority.

    As the old saying goes, “be careful what you wish for”.

  65. Just A Citizen says:

    I actually found this very interesting. Of course it will be dismissed because of who wrote it. But it is worthy of thought and discussion.

  66. Just A Citizen says:


    You still working from home? Your retreat in the “country”??

  67. Just A Citizen says:

    Captain Kirk has spoken and I completely agree.

    The rank of those in Space Force should be based on NAVY rank, NOT the Air Force.

    We have space SHIPS piloted by Captains and Admirals.

    Stupid Govt. What were they thinking?

  68. Just A Citizen says:

    Mr. Trump and the Elephant Club have super powers. They somehow made the news coverage of a major hurricane event vaporize.

    Did the Hurricane blow up or what? I see minor stories about devastation but the primary coverage continues to be Orange Man Bad……….Hate America……………. Orange Man’s fault.

  69. In the Hold My Beer category, the winner is…The NBA..for boycotting themselves.

    LMAO! I hadn’t been paying attention, didn’t even know they were in playoff mode. Just saw a clip of players on the court…the BLM court…with their SJW messages on their shirts. I can’t watch that! Bye Felicia. Bye pro sports. PLEASE Big 10…make it right with at least a Thanksgiving start like I just read about.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Now think of how few votes would need to be harvested this time for POTUS if the counts are similar to last time.

      These constant claims by “officials” that there is not evidence of meaningful fraud are fraudulent themselves. I witnessed it in two States. One involving signature validation and one the completion of mail in ballots by those not the voter whose name was on the ballot.

      I suspect that the reason “officials” will not admit the problem is they don’t want us to lose faith any more than we have, and they both try to benefit when it suits them.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just watched the Jim Jordan questioning of the Postmaster General. He could not look Jordan or the panel in they eye. Looked always down and away. Absolutely ducked the questions about fraud and the logical conclusion as to why the Democrata are pushing for more and more mail in voting despite of the chaos in 3 elections so far and not resolved yet month and months after the voting ..

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Here is another story on this story, but it includes a narrative by the author of how Harris was elected by “shady” counts.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Think of the Al Franken Senate race. Several recounts all with the Republican incumbent winning by a consustant margin. Close but consistent. The judge agreed to just one more recount, but that it, no more. Miracle of miracles. A previously uncounted box of ballots .appeared delivered from a trunk of a car from a black church polling place 100% for Franken and just enough to exceed the previous recounts.

        • I remember the 1960 election in IL. The downstate vote came in early and was for Nixon. Chicago’s vote came in late and went heavily to Kennedy. Strange how the downstate hand counted paper ballots got counted faster than the machine vote in Chicago.

          Also in 2018, in several SoCal districts, the Repub was ahead at midnight but lost a few days later. Strange how the mail in ballots are always statistically different than the in person voting.

  70. Just A Citizen says:

    Interesting bit of anecdotal info from Friday. SUL’s Doctor told her that “most” of the health care folks who have caught COVID did so “outside” of the healthcare setting. Apparently they were not following the strict protocols when they left work each day.

    Reminder here that many if not the majority of deaths in many states were in “retirement facilities”, or “nursing homes”.

    Her Doc also clearly stated that Masks DO HELP reduce spread and we should wear one when called for. And by called I don’t mean called to by Govt., but by the situation you find yourself. In short, USE SOME COMMON SENSE.


    If that doesn’t open your eyes to the danger— Nothing will!

  72. Just A Citizen says:

    This day marks the “official” beginning of the Dem effort to BLAME Mr. Trump for all the rioting and looting in the country. Mark it down on your calendars and leave it for your heirs to read.
    Because it also denotes the same day when almost half the country decided to try and deceive the other half without outright lies despite all the physical evidence to the contrary.

    To those who howl about Trump’s lies, do you think his silly exaggerations and distortions of his accomplishments are anywhere near equivalent to what is now happening with the Dem leadership, the media and the likes of BLM/Antifa???

    What is happening supports, in my opinion, my theory that Mr. Trump is not the cause of all this. The election of Mr. Trump given what was known of his behavior indicates he is the product of our times, not the creator nor the enabler.

    The one thing he has done is to make it almost acceptable to stand your ground and scream “no more”.

  73. Just A Citizen says:

    Just had a thought. Yes it does happen from time to time. I seem to have little agency at times over the glob residing in my skull.

    We need a new version of the old phrase “I brought you into this world and I can take you out”. This of course aimed at some obnoxious child by the parent.

    It should be modernized to “If you are so ashamed at the privileges we worked so hard to give you, then we can take them back. Best wishes in your new endeavors”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I had a suggestion for a DA in California who said the police must determine the needs of the looter before arresting them.

      I suggested she put all her household goods out on the curbside and uo a sign “Free Stuff”

      Watch a Filene’s bargain basement mob hysteria in action

  74. A new thread is posted.

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